Side Chat & Particle Manager
Added a Side Chat system for player communication. 

So far there is 2 available channels, 'Side Chat' [aqua] to communicate to all players on the server, and 'Direct Chat' [white] to communicate to only players in your area (100m radius). 'Server Chat' [red] are just notifications from the server which can be set in the server.config file for custom server reset messages at 15min, 10min and 5min remaining times.

Tapping the side chat icon (second icon bottom left) will engage the Vita's native keyboard for player message input. Unfortunately the native keyboard will cover game play entirely, which is not very helpful in a survival shooter. I haven't yet found a way to show the keyboard only so at least part of the game is still view-able. So if it's not possible with the Henkaku VitaSDK i will simply write a custom keyboard (similar to NotePad++ VE).

Added Particle Manager for particle emitters.

Simple billboard particle technique at the moment, where each emitted particle is a plane which faces the camera by simply using the reverse camera vector. Particles use a Fragment Shader to animate the particles texture using a sprite sheet of particle stages, sprite sheet offsets and a blending technique to blend smoothly from one sprite stage to the next.

This can be an extremely effective technique with some tweaking.

Unfortunately the Vita's GPU does not include support for geometry shaders (afaik).