Side quest: The moon rat
Here is my first side quest!

You can use this one to put a cool spin on the old "Rats in the cellar" quest.

Location: Any tavern/Inn

Level: 1

Party size: 4

Scaling: Simply Add or subtract 1 Dire rat to match the number of players you have. The Xp total should remain the same.

Backstory: A Inn named the "Black berry spot" has been having trouble with rats as of late, and no matter what he seems to do the rats always find a way to dodge any traps he sets for them. He has gotten to the point where he is ready to hire someone to deal with it for him. He will offer 1gp per rat tail someone brings him.


1. The PCs (Players)  see an notices asking for help with large rats a the notice board and come to help.

2. The PC know the Innkeep and offer to help.

3. Then Innkeep ask for the PCs help when they are staying the night at the Inn.

Part 1 The cellar

Read this to you players as the enter the cellar " You descended the long stairs into the dark dank and dust cellar." 

Once in the cellar the players will find that there are 4 giant rats (Monster manual Page 327.) lurking about. Once the rats have been dealt with you may read this to your players.

"You notice that some of the boxes have been pushed to the side."

If they investigate read the this.

"There is a small hole leading into the wall."

XP: Each player will earn 25xp from this encounter.

Part 2 The hole in the wall 

 The hole is big enough for a medium sized creature ti crawl into and a small creature may walk into it.

If they tell the Innkeeper about it he will offer them 10gp to explore the tunnel as well as the 1gp per rat tail he offered before.

 After sometime they come out of the tunnel and into a large nesting room with a large hole in the middle of the ceiling. Read this the PCs.

"You see a large room filled with half eaten bread and straw, There is a large hole in the roof of the cave that allows moonlight to shine down upon a large rock with a book and a large rat on top of it."

Part 3 The moon rat

The moon rat is a special type of rat that gains human like intelligence when in moon light but is other wise a normal dire rat.

The moon rat says to the players.

"You dare to come into my home!?! Attack and feast my brood!"

At this point 4 more dire rats (MM 327) will come to join the moon rat in battle.

The moon rat itself uses the stats of a normal dire rat but with an INT score of 14 and he has the following Wizard spells  prepared. He is a CR 1/4.

Spell casting: DC 14 +4 to hit


Poison Spray

Fire Blot

Acid Splash

Level 1 ( 2 spells per day)

Charm Person

Magic Missile 

Once combat starts the Moon rat will try to stay in the moonlight because if he was to fall out of it he would lose his power. He will send his rat brethren in to fight up close while he sits back and uses his spells. He will start the fight by trying to charm the biggest looking player and then move on to dealing damage to the others.

Loot: There is the Moon rats spell book with the above spells in it also there are about 200 copper coins and 20 sliver coins about the floor and the straw.

XP:    Each player will earn 38xp from this encounter. 

Part 4 the end 

If they win: 

The innkeep will happily reward them with 10gp +1 more per rat tail and offer them a free night and meals at his inn.

You can use this a jumping point for the PCs as word will spread of their great deed.

If they lose:

With his victory the Moon rat will soon gather what rats he has left and make a full attack on the Inn above and try and take for his own.


If they mange to talk with the Moon rat he will offer them and alliance if they agree to help him take over the Inn above.

I hope you all enjoyed my first Side quest! Let me know what could be done better next time and thank you for reading!