Sieve #4 (July 8, 2017)
Right-wing New Zealander runs comprehensive online blacklist of left activists

If you've browsed or searched for anything relating to left-wing activism, you may have encountered a site called It bills itself as a "bipartisan knowledge base focusing primarily on corruption and the covert side of politics in the United States and globally." In reality, the site is nothing but a modern-day blacklist of left-wing activists with a disturbing amount of its information gleaned from private Facebook groups. While many of its 80,000+ entries are nothing but stubs based on names found in petitions or subscription lists, an increasingly large amount of its pages boast comprehensive details about associations and occasional information about family members.

Needless to say, the prominent display of numerous activists' online trail neatly listed under their real name on a publicly accessible wiki is a cause for concern. The site can be seen as extension of private right-wing surveillance and blacklisting groups established after the fall from grace of Joseph McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), such as the Western Goals Foundation and the Church League of America. Indeed, many of the source notes on KeyWiki refer back to a defunct publication known as Information Digest, run by private spy and Congressional aide John Rees and which counted numerous law enforcement agencies among its subscribers. It is clear that whoever is compiling this wiki has access to a large archive of right-wing sources on the left that goes back at least half a century.

The webmaster is a self-proclaimed "libertarian" from New Zealand named Trevor Loudon. It is intriguing to note that someone with the identical full name is listed as a representative for the Sugar Industry Central Board in apartheid-era South Africa. It could be someone with the same name, it could be someone related to him or it could be him. Either way, Loudon has an apparent interest in demonizing Nelson Mandela and KeyWiki approvingly links to a blog that accuses the ANC of being "black-nationalist" and "racist." Is something more personal going on here?

French president proposes permanent clampdown on civil liberties in name of anti-terrorism

President of France, Emmanuel Macron, recently proposed a draft law that would "wind down" the state of emergency imposed on the country by making many of its powers permanent. Such powers include the ability to temporarily close mosques for purported extremism, less judicial oversight for searches and raids and an increased authority to ban public demonstrations. The proposal has provoked outrage from civil liberties and Muslim groups, who point out that France has already conducted 4,000 searches and put 400 people under house arrest under the current state of emergency imposed in November 2005 (WaPo, June 22). Amnesty International has also documented the rejection of some "150 petitions for public protests in recent months" (France24, June 9).

Ex-CIA contractor arrested for murder in Pakistan credits country's leaders for current freedom

Ex-CIA contractor Raymond Allen Davis has asserted that high-ranking officials in Pakistan aided him in getting out of the country after he shot on killed two men riding a motorcycle in Lahore on January 27, 2011. Davis was initially arrested and charged with double murder as Pakistan denied that diplomatic immunity applied to him (he was posted to the US consulate in Lahore at the time). Davis was released that March when the families of the victims showed up in court to "forgive" him, very likely as a pro-quid-quo for the $2.4 million in compensation they received.

Davis claims in his recently published book that those who served as Pakistan's president, prime minister, and head of the Inter-Services Intelligence at the time all played a role in springing him from detention by "using an antiquated sharia law, which permits the release of a wrongdoer by the relatives of a victim, if sufficient money is given to them." Even more shocking are his claims that the $2.4 million was given by Pakistan instead of the US and that they were coerced into accepting it (IntelNews, July 4).

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