Hey all,
This is 'Sightseen', a new image made from two very old photos of mine.  The shot of Katelyn was taken during a studio portrait shoot from 2013, and the background is a scene taken in California during a roadtrip in 2012.  I recently came across both photos while going through all my old storage drives this past week.  I have been uploading thousands of old RAW files to 'Amazon Drive'.  
Amazon Drive is a cloud storage service that offers unlimited data storage for $60 annually.   I had previously been using Dropbox, though they only offer 1tb of storage, and for a higher price than Amazon.
Ever since I started in digital photography, it has been a struggle figuring out how I should store my files safely.  Until now I've been mainly using RAID storage, which can be very frusterating, and I never feel safe with all my files in one physical location.
Another issue with cloud storage is the amount of time it takes to upload hundreds of thousands of RAW files to a server.  Stay tuned to the Patreon Blog to find out my strategy for getting through this difficult, timely process.
Thanks for popping in, please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section.
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