sign(s) of the times
I have a fascination with telephone poles and telephone lines. I love how they embody a technology that, since its inception, has largely remained unchanged by moderniazation. obviously, there have been countless improvements to the cabels and wires themselves, I'm sure, but the endless miles of them strung up from one iconic pole to the next really is quite something. there's a timelessness to phone lines that illicits both hope and woe. hope, in that they must lead somewhere, some place or form of civilization. woe, in that who knows just how far away that place or civilization lies. oddly enough, I've come to appreciate pictures of telephone poles and have begun taking some of my own because as much as I am intrigued by the sight of them, I firmly belive their days are numbered. much like juke boxes and ATMs. although it's amazing to think of all the advancements in science and technology, all the gadgets (and their vastly improved, often miniaturized successors) that have come and gone since the advent of the telephone pole, it isn't hard to imagine that as we forge further into the wireless internet age that these old roadside scare crow skeletons won't be needed much longer. I've often tried to imagine what it must feel like for a bird, literally "on a wire", to feel the vibration from the currents of elctricity and sound coursing through its talons, up through its muscular little shape, all the way out to the tip of its tiny beak. can they eavesdrop? HA! ok. I'm carrying on way too long about this but as you can imagine, having spent actual years behind the wheel, traveling from one end of this country to the other, countless times, I've had plenty of time to ponder the subject. I took this picture last week somewhere in southern Illinois. I thought it might help illustrate my fascination a little clearer. 

these days seem to be filled with all kinds of craziness. some things we may simply reflect upon with amusement as we look back from one decade to the next. other things we won't even believe actually took place, especially in retrospect. I know a lot of people suffering great anxiety right now. sadness and confusion, frustration and sheer ire. others are really catching their stride. surprising themselves. making the most of every last second in the face of so much uncertainty. at some point you just have trust that all of this too "shall pass", for better or worse. much like the telephone pole. 

remember, we all were made with the capacity to live and grow and love and laugh and that in time, we will all get to do just that.



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