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This class is on sale till October 8th! You can still catch up to join the rest of the students for the next live lecture. You can simply click here to claim your spot for one payment of $250 here on Patreon. 

This live streamed lecture series will help you be a more consistent artist on Instagram. You'll create the perfect prompt to reach your goals on social media this October whether you want to gain more followers, attract clients, or sell products. This live-streamed course will keep you motivated to post consistently all month long. 

We have a 2-hour live video lectures on Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm-8pm PST every week on Patreon that will help you stay accountable. With a small community of just 50 students, I’ll be able to provide personalized coaching to help you improve your work and gain exposure for your art. 

What you’ll get:

  • Presentation slides and examples from class 
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  • 8 hours worth of Instagram tutorials
  • Live feedback on art and social media during class
  • 50% off all previous lettering workbooks
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Class Outline

Lecture 1: Prompt and Niche - October 1st

On our first day of class we are going to jump right on in to figure out what kind of work you want to get hired for and who you need to attract with your profile. As a class, we will discuss the best themes for prompts and how you can get noticed more on Instagram this October. 

By the end of class, you'll have all of your goals set for your 30-day challenge with homework to create the cover image of your series and the first week of art ideas. 

Lecture 2: Profile Makeover - October 4th

You’ll begin to tidy up your profile and discover how to sell yourself within just a few sentences while perfectly conveying all that you offer in your bio. You’ll curate your Instagram Story Highlights to serve your goals while using your everyday Stories to grow your following. 

After the lecture, we’ll review as a class your work for the first week and provide suggestions to enhance your presentation on your grid. 

Lecture 3: Captions 101 - October 8th

Talk about yourself and your work in a way that captures people’s attention. We’ll be working on storytelling this week and how you can talk to your audience in a way that improves your overall engagement. 

At the end of this lecture, we’ll have a class critique to give you better ideas for captions and how to talk more about the meaning of your work for maximum impact.   

Lecture 4: Hashtag Strategy - October 11th

There is an art to using hashtags on Instagram that can either get you on the explore page or banned entirely from the platform. You’ll learn how to find the right hashtags that will get more eyes on your work from the exact people you are trying to attract. 

During the critique, we’ll review your most recent posts to analyze whether or not the hashtags you're using are helping or hurting your account. 

Lecture 5: Getting Featured - October 15th

Getting featured on a page with a large following is the best way to gain an insane amount of followers in a short period. It takes much more than using community hashtags to get noticed, and I want to give you my secret tips for being featured more often without having to pay for it. 

After the lecture, we’ll find the communities you need to be targeting and what kind of artwork you need to make that will get you reposts left and right. 

Lecture 6: Community Outreach - October 18th

Connect with your audience more through outreach and kindness. Make it your mission to be more approachable to improve your relationship with the people that follow you. Using live streaming, collaborations, and education I’ll show you how to turn non-engaged followers into loving loyal fans. 

During the critique, as a class, we will review artwork, captions, and hashtags to make sure each post has everything it needs to succeed on Instagram. Then we’ll examine case by case examples of the kind of outreach system that will work best for you. 

Lecture 7: Influencer Marketing - October 22nd

All it takes is a 1,000 followers to get paid to post on Instagram with Influencer marketing. You can start small by getting free products to post about or get real cash to make art for a larger brand. I'll help you create a custom strategy to attract the kind of brands that are already looking for that kind of content. 

After the lecture, I’ll help you find brands that are looking for influencers just like you, along with the kind of email pitch that will grab their attention. 

Lecture 8: Analytics and Review - October 25th

During our last class, I’ll be going over analytics and how you can look back at your work to do more of what works. By this point, you should have a ton of work on your profile to help you figure out the secrets to your specific path to Instagram success. 

In our last critique, we’ll review your work as a whole to help you find patterns to help you continue growth on social media. By the end of this course, you will have the roadmap you always wanted to gain followers, increase sales, and get hired by your dream clients. 

How it all starts

After you sign up you will get access to EVERYTHING I have ever posted on Patreon including 2 lettering workbooks, tons of livestream tutorials, and articles. You'll also receive an invite to join our private Discord text channel "night-school" where you can introduce yourself and interact with other students!

When it's 6pm PST you'll receive an email notification that the first class is live along with a private link to watch on YouTube. I will have the Discord text channel up during class so you can share links, images, along with any questions you have throughout the class. 

By the end of each class the slides from the presentation will be attached to the same post so any students that miss the live stream can catch the rebroadcast and not miss out on any good stuff. 

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