Significant Progress
I want to tell you what happens in For Better or Verse; Chapter 115, Hastings 131, but suffice it that Lauren and her team accomplish a major goal.  I hope that's not a terrible spoiler.

Meanwhile, I finished third novel character papers for Derek Brown and Bob Slade, as in ready to upload, and I've got Shella's internal paper finished but have to do the HTML version for upload.  Of course, they're  all in holding until the novel finishes its run, and I still have more to do--Omigger, Tubrok, Merlin, Bethany and Filp, if I'm remembering aright.  However, Slade and Shella were a lot easier than Derek, which was easier than Lauren, and I suspect some of these others are going to go quite quickly, so it should all be ready before I finish posting the last chapter of the novel.

Of course, complicating this is the fact that my work on the fifth novel requires that I have updated papers on several of these characters, plus Kondor and another new one, through the end of the fourth, so I've a lot of work ahead.

I mentioned that I am sketching a web log post on the Electoral College, which is still in the sketching phase.  I am also pondering a page on what to do if your brakes fail while you are driving, but I'm not certain how much I can say on that.