SILENCE THE PEDANT Tech demo - English Public Release
Hi, folks from the outside world. 

Welcome to ALICE IN DISSONANCE's cozy little Patreon page. We're welcoming you here today to show off SILENCE THE PEDANTS' Technical Demonstration that our patrons here have tested over 2 weeks ago. The English version was suppose to be a Patreon exclusive, but our patrons in the beta testing tier has graciously accepted AiD's request to  release a version 2 of the demo to the public. They've given us valuable feedback and we are now confident that the level of production is worthy of a public showing.

That being said, all of this is still a work in progress. Many things are simply just not done yet and will be polished by official release so please keep that in mind.

Since this is a public release, you are more then welcome to take screenshots and share material from the demo. 

We hope you enjoy this 5-10 minute short presentation.

You can download the demo from the links below


AiD Site:


Old version:

AiD Site


Or grab it from the attachment from Patreon itself if the links above does not work for some reason.

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