The Silence Sides with the Storm
Every now and then, all I want is the ocean. Just the wind in my face raging, the skin of the waves ever-changing, and nothing but the bay and the sky for as far as I can see. If you know me, you're familiar with the joys of being alone, as the silence sides with the storm and shapes me in the mold of March. Unpredictable passion crashing, I stand on the rocks and cross my heart to what the water offers. I get to be small today, tiny in a big world turning. The earth goes around and any sound I make is a soft whistle in a wailing wind. I'll go home, and imagine how big I am while the tide laughs with the moon. Soon, I'll get the joke. It's not just where you're going, it's about the hope...

March 20, 2017
Port Lorne, Nova Scotia