Silentium Praeteritum: Chapter 01

Calm Delusional Amnesia

By Juan Gonzalez (HeliuX)

Note: i'm using some words from the Silentium universe, if you need any clarification let me know and i will explain them on the comments


The Old Lady came near me and touched my forehead, whispered some words i can’t recall but were very soothing, taking me through a vision of strange things that felt weirdly familiar, specially a light ball, it was dim but it had it’s own light, it was yellowish in color but felt very cold, when i was about to reach it and take a closer look, i heard a voice and felt a strong pull.

Girl--- (Gasp) oh my god (heavy breathing)

Old Lady--- Wake up now, come on, tell me how it felt.

Girl--- I haven’t felt like this before… so full of energy… so alive, it’s like everything that touches me is talking to me!, well no, i can’t really describe it, i know where everything is and everything hears my call now.

Old Lady--- Yes, that is your skill, you can perceive yourself, you can command yourself, this can be used to enhance your capacity or to cripple yourself if you don’t believe in yourself, your words are powerful.

Girl--- My...words…(Tried to stand) i … i’m so tired

Old Lady--- Of course you are, what you just experienced is very taxing on your brain, you literally just saw your whole self

The Old Lady placed me on the couch nearby and as i was getting closer to my sleep, i saw her turn off the light and close the door as she left me in that room.

When i woke up, i felt disoriented and very sad, i couldn’t control myself and was sobbing and crying a lot, then the door opened and the Old Lady was back with some tea.

Old Lady--- Drink up and relax, i’ll explain why you feel this way in a minute

She passed me a cup of hot tea, my hands were shaking a lot but she helped me drink, with a lot of patience and care. As i tasted the soft flavor of this tea and felt really calm and familiar with the aroma, but i just couldn’t figure out what it was until by the time i finished it, i wasn’t feeling sad anymore rather calm and comfortable.

Girl--- What was this tea? What was a i feeling? Where am i? Who are you?

The old lady started laughing loudly then helped me stand up and we walked towards a balcony where i witnessed a gorgeous garden full of flowers, some red, some white and to the left was a group of kids dancing and playing, it felt very peaceful, i felt great.

Old Lady--- The tea you just had was a mixture of chamomile and cinnamon, it was good for you as you woke up very startled and since it’s your favorite it helped you calm down

Girl--- My favourite?

Old Lady--- Yes, what you felt was the remnant of the closing connections from yesterday procedure, think of it as a hangover from accessing the deepest part of your brain.

Girl--- My brain?

Old Lady--- Hahaha, yes dear, for the first time in your life, you saw your true self and everything that makes you, the feeling it’s overwhelming but i assure you there is no physical damage, everything you are feeling now is purely mental, kind of a crave to do it again and again.

Girl--- I...i’m very confused right now

Old Lady--- I know you are, but let’s start with the basics, my name is Mildred

As soon as i heard her name i felt a strong stab behind my eye, i started feeling dizzy and grabbed the door next to the balcony for balance, but right when i tried to recover i felt another stab on the back of my head which took me to my knees.

Girl--- Mil...dred… (i screamed loudly) stop...this…. (felt another stab)

Mildred--- I see you have remembered

And with a very delicate but firm touch Mildred grabbed my head in a weird way, her thumbs rested on my eyebrows while the rest of her fingers lied within the back of my neck, she closed her eyes and tilted my head slightly as if she was looking for something when out of the sudden i hear a Snap! Which led me to great pleasure as Mildred had stopped my pain

Mildred--- There much better, now young lady, what is your name?

Lilith--- (i got back on my feet) Lilith...captain of the enhancement fleet Mildred, why am i here?

Mildred--- (Sigh) And i was starting to have fun, You were wounded in the field ma’am, a concussion, you had a temporary amnesia and delusions so i was assigned to take care

Lilith--- For how long was i out?

Mildred--- 2 or 3 days at most

Lilith--- What?! At most?! What happened to our battle? I need to return

Mildred--- The battle is over for now, Amon ended it by himself, we won this but i’m afraid that the war is not over yet Ma’am

Lilith--- Amon by himself? What happened to my troops? I know there were more than 5,000 soldiers deployed but we had more than 300 Enhancers among our Alitur troops we should have been able to win this with few casualties.

Mildred then walked me towards the open balcony where i saw spread all over, a mix of human soldiers and Alitur, some impaled, some burnt, some torn but they were all there,  in the bloody remnants of this battlefield