A Silly and Wildly Inaccurate Map of the Fediverse
I'm not going to be doing larger versions of this Map unless Patrons request it. This is a silly map of the Fediverse that I've been working on since I joined Mastodon (which just before it exploded into public consciousness).

The Fediverse  consists of various social media instances and their members that can directly talk to each other via the ostatus protocols. Mastodon is the most recent - and currently most popular - of the various ways to do. One of the older ways is Gnu Social (hence 'Here be Gnus"). The Hellbird Imperium is a jokey name for Twitter.

Obviously the map is in the style of an overland fantasy map and doesn't include a load of instances but making it amused me and the peeps on Mastodon who saw it.

Oh and if you want to find me on Mastodon I'm https://tootplanet.space/@Shutsumon