Silver Path: Salem Geocache Surprise!
Aug 28, 2016: Sunday was all about Salem, MA.  Once Ion and I arrived, the first place we visited was Witch House.  This was the coolest of the historical museum places we were able to get to.  It was an original house of one of the witch trial judges and was very cool to see all the old looms, brooms, beds, hearths, letters and more.

After that, we went on the Salem Witch Dungeon tour which was creepy and animatronic, a bit hokey but I liked it nevertheless and took many pictures to share.  This was followed by strolling, shoping, ogling and food.

After dinner, I decided to make one last stop and visit the oldest graveyard in Salem, Massachusetts before leaving and you will not believe what happened! As I was walking around looking for good gravestones to take rubbings, I saw this cool looking tree and thought: that tree looks like it was struck by lightning.  So I went for closer inspection and saw what seemed to be a hole. What'sin the hole, I wondered? The piece of bark in the hole lifted out easily and looking down inside I found a surprise hidden GEOCACHE! I couldn't believe it! 

I left a trinket (faeries always travel with a little treasure :) and took a trinket (an awesome butterbeer bottlecap) , re-hid and bid farewell. 

It is hard to better end a day's adventuring than with randomly discovered treasure!