Silver tier reward plans


So, I would like to give everyone a heads up about the silver tier. I plan to change the rewards. I want to remove the lock on the scenes and replace silver tier reward with something better. I came to realize that H-scenes became too essential for full experience of Rogue Courier. It's no longer a luxury but a neccesity.  Initially, I wanted the game to be free to play because it's an action, shump, adventure game with hentai scenes. I thought that was what I'm working on  but slowly and surely, the main attraction became the H-scenes. I can't blame people for that due to the quality of these scenes. And it pulled me into that blackhole. If hentai scenes was solely what people want from me, I shouln't have created RC in the first place. But what's done is done, and it's already here. I can't give up on Rogue Courier now right?

Having that said, locked scenes is taken negatively by some people and these scenes gets old overtime. There's also an issue of me pressuring myself to produce silver scenes otherwise I won't be able to pay PCG. This became a pointless grinding and it's gonna get me depressed eventually. Even PCG is affected by this, producing three different versions of the build each month which have their own bugs is another bottleneck that slows us down. The faster we can progress the game, the better. If I want to grow people's support for the game, it has to be more generous with the scenes and appealing to more players to play it and share it. 

Now, I cannot remove lock  on thescenes right away, It has to be gradual. Otherwise, I will lose a significant number of silver patrons that supports RC. Right now, almost half of the support for the project is from silver and gold tier. There's no guarantee that silver patrons will keep their silver pledge if all locked scenes got removed so suddenly.  What I'm gonna do is remove the lock on scenes one by one overtime. This will begin when I started with the new silver rewards. 

So what are the rewards? 

comission access, character skins, guest chickas. 

So let me explain this one by one

Comission access- So as you may have already know, I stopped accepting comissions in general, but up until now, I am still getting a lot of comission request. Now, I don't want to be swamped by it. My comission list will be maxed at three persons. Selection of comissions depends on my interest. If you comission an RC scene you will be selected right away because you're freaking AWESOME!!! You make my life easier and you make other patrons happy by sponsoring a scene. This is your chance to see a scene you want to see in game according to your liking and fetish. You can also comission a sidequest if you want, or a character skin. Anything related to RC you are very welcome. But wait! theres more, given that you're silver tier patron, I will charge you less for the comission because you are.... freaking AWESOME!!!  Now for non RC related comission, I will still accept it as long as the list is not hectic. There's no guarantee how long comission slots are filled so if you don't want your pocket to be milked like a cow, I suggest you do not become a silver tier patron if your sole purpose is to get a comision done. It's a gamble because I will assume you became silver tier for the other silver tier rewards, or you're just a generous MF. I will not refund you if you don't get listed right away.

Character skins- So this is the kind of reward that makes being silver tier patron is a luxury not a neccesity. As I'm slowly moving away to locked scenes, I want to give patrons something cool still. Want to play Halina in a school girl uniform or a cat maid or a sexy nurse outfit? We can do that.  It's not something you can show off to other players but it's just cool alright and you're just generous to support me. Unless you like the original character design then I suggest you stick to iron or bronze tier.

Guest chickas- Now this reward is something for everyone will enjoy in general. Now that the Toro-Toro is in the build, there will be non RC related characters that will show up there for a limited time. The build with a guest chick will be downloadable for 1 month, then after that we will remove the character and replace it without said character. It will stay that way for 1 month also until the next month comes with a new guest character. Basically the schedule is alternate. Month(a) with guest chick, month(b) no guest chick, month(c) with guest chick again, and so on and so on. Now, I will be straight with you here guys. scenes of these guest chicks are re-used scenes. I will not be making unique scenes of these chicks because it has to be made fast. Unless you happen to be a comissioner who sits on the comission slot then we can talk about it.  And I'm still gonna re-use that afterwards alright. Selection of that chick is decided by votes. I will nominate characters in silver tier discord server then have a poll on it. I want you to participate on these polls otherwise I just pull out a character out of my a$$.

Whew! If you made it all the way down here, I salute you. Thank you for the support and please stay safe.  

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