Simple As That...
“I want to be an Ultraman !”

He replied me after I asked him the ordinary old man would

say to a young one even I’m fully prepared by their naive and straightforward thought but I still can’t hold myself from him asking further.

“Why ?”

“Because he is strong, he can fly, he can beat a giant monster….”

And the list go on until every bits of his hero’s legacy casted on

him finished, surprisingly I never get any boredom in fact his words had deeply touched me, a conductor transcend through his baton.

“But can you really fly by yourself one day?

“Is there really any giant monster exist?”

I intrigued to know his response after strike him with my

logical point of view.

“CAN !” without any hesitation nor doubt he answered.

“What if you still can’t?” I challenged him as a way to stop

him from this nonsense dream of his.

“CAN!” He repeated, completely ignored my message, my

intention to at least hope he can hold his horses and think about it for a moment.

This time I’m beat after all is my fault for trying to implement something practical to his little fantasy world, I should have never

expect more from this mere child, he was too young to understand the fact that… the fact that what I actually “Understand…?”

Did i “Understood? Or I just accepted...?

“Teacher, how about you, and what you want to be?” He asked.

“I wanted to be a Teacher.” I said, to entertain him and

shift the topic away as we presume with our normal lesson.

“De Ja Vu”

Yeah.. Ultraman, a fictional super hero in which a person

can become big and huge with super power to defeat giant monster as I search on the net to update with myself on this hero I once dream to become. I

entertained by the evolution of this series, watched several video on the net as it bring back the nostalgic moment every time I finished from school and sit

back to watch this show, never missed a single episode until it fade from my life.

His words still boggling my inner self, it’s been 17 years since then. I woke up, aware that it’s not a dream, the child was just me

replied to my teacher’s question in a once upon a day. I’m 25 years old this year, currently teaching in a tuition class asking the very same question, reminded me on how simple is it to reply to the obstacle, the excuses, the “no”, the logic…

“I can !”

As simple as that but since when it start to fade away. “What you want to be when you grow up?” Is there a need to grow up when we choose to forget what we initially wanted to become? Perhaps not by become a fictional superheroes but the integrity in you.