Simple Bitterroot Flower
Hello, Loves and Lovelies!

I've been working on a commission and part of it might have a Bitterroot flower! This is not the most intricate of flowers I've ever done digitally. I did a magnolia a few years back that was pretty detailed. I should probably do something with it! I'll post it here! But I kept this one simple because the design I'm doing is already pretty busy as a whole. 

The Bitterroot is the Montana state flower! Hooray for my home state! I really love Montana. I used to adore seeing these flowers while exploring a field near my grandma's house. You can hear and see various birds, including Meadowlarks. In the summer, stalks of grass and wheat rise up from fields like shimmering, gold waterfalls defying gravity. Montana has my heart in the center of it, buried deep inside the mountains that surround the Deerborn river.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Tuesday!

Bekki Ann 

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