Simple Is The New Genius
The next wave of basketball coaching geniuses will be Essentialists
  • Not those praised for their thick playbook and how much "stuff" they run, but those praised for doing a few things exceptionally well.
  • It will be coaches who realize you don't need more, you need less.
  • Those who recognize that space is offense, flow is offense, pace is offense, recognition is offense, creating dilemmas is offense and that's really it.
  • Those that recognize the power of tradeoffs and that every time you say "yes" to a new set, drill, offense you say "no" to something else with deeper importance.
  • Those that aren't distracted by the shiny new sets that the others are running and recognize them as just "stuff." 
  • Those that recognize that there is a lot of "stuff" out there and most of it is just something else not something better.

This is the place you learn to be among the next wave of Essentialists among coaches. 

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