A simple process for overcoming procrastination...
This simple mantra has been helping me overcome procrastination, and resist temptation:

Discipline ~ Discomfort ~ Discovery

I use this when I know I should be doing something, but am feeling lazy or resistant (fearful).

The word "Discipline" inspires me to simply get going...

Knowing that what I will soon encounter resistance ("Discomfort")...

If I simply stay with the discomfort for a bit longer, I will come to the other side ("Discovery")...

I will have discovered a new possibility, a new strength, and often, a new flow, for doing what I intend to do, rather than letting inertia or fear drag me into inaction and depression.

This mantra has also been useful for resisting the temptation of a bad behavior:

The idea of "Discipline" inspires me to choose just *not* do it...

"Discomfort" reminds me that I will encounter fear: "What if I miss out on pleasure? What if I'm not ok with that?"

"Discovery" reminds me that if I experiment with moving through the feeling, I soon arrive on the other side of seeing that, indeed *I will be fine* even if I don't do that bad habit.

Does this sound possibly useful for you? I invite you to try it.

Next time you're procrastinating, or needing to resist a temptation, call forth this mantra, or use whatever other words mean more to you:

Discipline ~ Discomfort ~ Discovery

Each time you move through to Discovery, you are discovering a new level of willpower, self-determination, and freedom.

By reaching the Discovery stage, again, and again, you are building a willpower so strong, that it can liberate you from anything. Your freedom will allow you to achieve everything you set your mind to.

It all begins with a conscious choice for self-discipline. Calmly make that choice today, at least once.

You will be glad that you did.


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