Simple Spider for Bluegill
As I studied mounting spent wings on flies, I stumbled onto a simple spider patterns for bluegill. Bluegill love anything with legs.

As mentioned in the  video, there is a weird spider that appears in late summer here that hover, levitates via a strange locomotion. It looks as if it hopping between the limbs on a bush or between the grass top and the base of a tree. The move rather quickly in an oscillatory fashion.

If you slowed it down, it'd look like a special effect in one of these science fiction movies.

Part of this fly comes from the  AMP fly I developed a several months ago.  I noticed when using deer hair, the fibers would fair out much more than standard bucktail.  That flair would have come in handy if I ever tried to tie wings on a fly pattern. 

When I first tried the method for tying fiber-based spent wings, the hair flared so much that it reminded me of that spider. So much for tying spent wings. I immediately started on the Simpler Spider.

I'm not sure if I'll call it the Simple Spider or the Simpler Spider. I like Simpler Spider better. Let me know what you think.

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