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The Sims 4 Armageddon -MOD- V 1.0 End Of The World Release!

 Updates: V 1.1

  • Supervillain's "Cast spell on ground"  now plays the proper animation
  • Added "Fill Needs" to supervillain's at dark power level 2
  • Fixed a last exception error that would occur sometimes when dead sims got reaped or sent to graves
  • The "Dark Power" skill will now increase faster
  • Fixed world's corruption "Arson Chaos" not getting removed when selecting the removal interaction 
  • Added "Allow All Corruptions" interaction when World's corruption 100% 
  • Added "Equip All" interaction in the deadly trails category at dark power level 5
  • Added "Remove All" interaction in the deadly trails category
  • The "Spawn Of Satan" walkstyle now unlocks on dark power level 2
  • Camera will no longer move to cops when they arrive to the lot
  • The police department will no longer send a backup cop when the first sent cop is killed

Become A Supervillain And Destroy The World!

The file is uploaded to this post, at the bottom left corner

Compatibility :

 "Requires base game only

"UPDATE: 2/21/2019 - PC / Mac

 It should work with previous patches down to: 
Update: 05/24/2018 - PC  
How to Install ? :- Extract the zip file to Your "The Sims 4" Mods folder OR Extract the zip file anywhere You want then put the files  in Your mods folder -You can only put the files 1 folder deep inside the mods folder if you create a folder within a folder in your mods folder the mod will not work.   
  •  If You have installed everything 100% correct and it still doesn't work You might have an outdated version of the Recource.Cfg in Your mods folder  You can download it here:  Simply unzip the file and place it in Your mods folder    
  • Make sure that custom content & script mods are enabled in the game's options, a game restart might be required after enabling them    
  • For further installation assistance visit my discord server here:

Or this link for more detailed installation instructions: 

Enjoy & Thank You for the support!  I love You  ♥

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