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The Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse -MOD- V 2.0.5 Last Escape Release


V2.0.5: Feb 6th 2021
Fixed Bugs:

  • Social Event doesn't reward sims with money and trait upon completion
  • The (Cure All Sims From Zombification) option, doesn't remove the zombie sounds, and thirst for flesh need


Improved Nemesis's behavior and simulation:

  •  He will no longer stand idle/get stuck after getting shot and will continue to do his actions properly and smoothly
  •  He will more likely attack a sim that shot him
  •   During the "Zombie Apocalypse" social event, more zombies will spawn once the current ones are shot dead & will only stop spawning once the event is over.
  •  Sims will now stop chatting if a zombie or Nemesis is around  -Sims with the Autonomous Shooting trait will now shoot Nemesis on their own, including partners.

    V 2.0.4

    -Added text strings for game languages other than English
V 2.0.3
  • Player's health will now show up in the needs panel after getting punched by Nemesis "Note: after healing by using a first aid spray, the Player's Health Need will go away after switching lots" 
  • You can now use the first aid spray from inventory to heal player's health.
  • Using first aid spray on target sims will now only show up if the sim was injured from a zombie bite or a Nemesis punch.
  • Sims can now use the first aid spray from inventory to heal zombie bites again "Thanks to @Onyxangel for the report".
  • Zombies from the "Zombie Apocalypse" social event will no longer show up with no head "Thanks to @Onyxangel for the report".
  • Nemesis's body will no longer deform when viewed from a far distance.
  • Increased the chances of Zombies biting sims.
  • Improved zombie shooting autonomy for playable sims.
  • "Shoot Zombie" interaction should no longer show up in the sims queue if the actor sim doesn't have the "Auotonomous Zombie Shooting" Trait and the target sim is not a zombie.
  • Sims infection will now continue to increase after getting bitten by a zombie if not healed. "Thanks to @Blockula105 for the report".

    V 2.0.2
  • Fixed an issue where non zombie sims might fall down and regenerate
  • Increased Nemesis's attack rate
  • Shoot Zombie With (Handgun/Shotgun/Assault Rifle) will now show up in the front page of interactions

     Zombie Children/Survival - Nemesis/Jill Valentine & Partners
The world is now even more dangerous with the Virus evolving to also infect children! But they're now aware of the dangers and have learned how to use all survival items properly.
Beware the Nemesis, a deadly tyrant developed by Umbrella to hunt and kill S.T.A.R.S Members, Jill Valentine is one of them, but he won't hesitate to kill anyone who comes in his way.

Watch the trailer here: 

Read full release notes here: news.html

The file is uploaded to this post, in the bottom left corner  Compatibility:
"Requires base game only"

  Update 06/04/2020 - PC: / Mac:

How to Install ? :- Extract the zip file to Your "The Sims 4" Mods folder OR Extract the zip file anywhere You want then put the files  in Your mods folder -You can only put the files 1 folder deep inside the mods folder if you create a folder within a folder in your mods folder the mod will not work.   
  •  If you have installed everything 100% correct and it still doesn't work You might have an outdated version of the Recource.Cfg in Your mods folder  You can download it here:  Simply unzip the file and place it in Your mods folder      
  • Make sure that custom content & script mods are enabled in the game's options, a game restart might be required after enabling them      
  • For further installation, assistance visit my discord server here:

Or this link for more detailed installation instructions: 

Enjoy & Thank You for the support!  I love You  ♥

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