Simston Private School - Public Release

Updated to be compatible with version: 1.82 (November Patch)

Most Recent Version: V3_1 (on SFS) Please redownload if you do not have this version.

❗Expect a bigger update soonish ;) follow my twitter  for updates


Hi Patrons!

Whew! It's finally here! 

Have your sims make a call to set up an interview with the headmaster of the most prestigious private school, Simston! They'll come over for dinner but you will have to convince them that your family is worthy of a such an esteemed education!

This is a nod to the Sims 2, and if you know anything about it, it was extremely difficult to get into private school. I hope this provides as much of a challenge 😉


· When the headmaster shows up, use the "Greet Headmaster" friendly introduction to start the event. 

· The headmaster has a special "Headmaster" menu with special interactions. Try them! 

· Students will automatically go to school in their Formal wear. Set up your own unique uniform for them in CAS!

OH, and don't put the headmaster in a group. For whatever reason, it removes them as a participant in the event. Nobody puts headmaster in a group! (brownie points if you know the reference)

This was such a fun mod to make, I hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments what you think!

As always, a big thank you for your support!

Installation Instructions:

1. Download the .package file HERE (SFS)

2. Install the XML Injector located HERE (the download button will give you a zip file, unzip it, and only put the .ts4script in your mods folder, you do NOT need the .package file). 

 Note: This is required for the new interactions to show up. You probably already have this if you use any of my interaction mods. 

❗3. Download the .ts4script file from Triplis HERE  You need the childteen version, which is the first Download link (the download button will give you a zip file, unzip it, and only put the .ts4script in your mods folder, you do NOT need the .package file it conflicts with the private school mod).  

Note: Sims will drop out of private school if this is not installed

3. Place my .package file and the XML Injector and Triplis .ts4script files here: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods

Note: See the attached installation.jpg for image of successful installation including all files. 


Czech - Thanks to Xeria

French - Thanks to Kimikosoma

Chinese - Thanks to GreenOnionC 

Spanish - Thanks to FordamSims

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