Simulating the World... in Emoji!

Golly oh goodness do I have a new prototype for you.

So, remember Parable of the Polygons? I'm prototyping a tool that lets you make your own Parable of the Polygons. That is, an easy-to-use, in-the-browser tool to make simulations of complex systems -- be they social systems, ecological systems, economical systems, or whatever.

Also, it uses emoji.

Here's the core idea of the prototype, one that I hope will really make an impact: there is no difference between playing with a model, and making a model. Imagine how weird that is. It's like if you could learn to be a gourmet chef simply by eating fancy food. I think, by giving everyone a way to read & write in systems, we can all understand -- maybe even change -- the systems of the world we live in.

That feeling you can change the world... probably feels a lot better than constant 24/7 helpless despair. Maybe. I wouldn't know.

I have high hopes for this prototype, but I need your feedback first. What do you think so far? Is it actually easy to use, easy to understand? If you're a teacher/journalist/activist, could you actually see yourself using this tool to explain complex systems? Also, you can save your work in this tool, so please feel free to share what you've made!

~ Nicky

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