Singing at the Pew (co-creation piece!) Lyrics by Alana Wholovesyou Inprogress, used with permission. Music written, arranged and performed by Firefly. Lyrics: Today I found myself kneeing at a pew, indeed not something I often do. Arriving to the empty chapel, I walked through the arches. And as I touched the holy water, Ave Maria sang into the organ. Deciding now to enter, I walked the walls in wonder: The son is hanging dead now, and the baby seeks his mother. Why all the images of sacrifice? Why the cross and the thorns? Did all of Jesus’ life and teachings amount to death, no more? And as I made my way to kneel a song arose inside. The organ by now was silenced but I felt my voice denied. What if someone hears me and I am heard as loud? Might I disturb the peace and quiet? Might they disavow? The story that I’m too big and fat, hogging all the glory, has been the stake inside my hands, the death of my true story. But then saw the hanging idol, and asked if I should sing. And as he nodded his head to me My heart began to ring. I could hear him talking as the cobwebs left my chest. "I came to show the truth in you that you are truly blessed by God, my motherfather, and the God that I am too. You are the sacred holy water You are the sacred truth.” A vision of the singing bird who never shies in song. He revealed the ancient oak with no shame of being strong. All my life I have cowered to the light that seeks to shine. Afraid if I illuminate, something else will feel denied. Is that the competition that brought him to the cross? Is that the cord that we have cut as the God inside was lost? A vision of my jealously talents crucified by the belief that there is limit to the God that lives inside? Why not worship those expressing the nature of divine? Why not let inspiration melt the blocks inside? As God seeks to be witnessed, so does my humble life. If I don’t blame her for asking, why, oh why, do I? Then I heard the footsteps of someone passing by. And so my jaw snapped shut again, and pushed the song inside. All the yearning to be heard, all the mirrors that I seek, were swallowed up by the belief that I am small and meek. He said, "There was a cut that drained our love when God was placed outside. When we began to look for answers in something in the sky.” So Jesus came to show us separation is a lie. You and I are glowing glory, no need to shrink or hide. And sure your voice may threaten those who feel denied by the separateness we all can feel when true God is you and I. But there's no need to worry of the stones that they may throw. Your soul a resurrection, a never-ending glow. And so I thank the thorns and crosses for the strong reminder that no matter how the world may judge my courage will make them kinder. by God, my motherfather, and the God that I am too. We are the sacred holy water We are the sacred truth. Hallelujah!
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