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Published on Jul 27, 2015

Ariella Vaccarino is the creator of Voice Lessons To Go. An opera singer herself, she has been teaching voice for 20 years and understands the fundamentals of singing, how to prepare the voice and keep it strong for performances, how to juggle singing with a jam-packed schedule, and the need to operate on a budget.

Ariella's videos on YouTube are designed to help singers gain independence for their own voices. Taking the mystery out of learning to sing. Ariella has a goal of creating a large amount of quality singing content, advice, and resources for anyone out there who wants to learn to sing.

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Everyone can learn to sing better.

Ariella is an accomplished Opera singer and attended the University of Southern California’s internationally recognized Thornton Vocal Arts department. She has sung on several movie sound tracks, contracted choirs for films, and has been teaching voice and piano in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years.

With a desire to bring vocal instruction to the masses at affordable prices, Ariella started her company, She Sings Out, Inc., and created the Voice Lessons To Go™ series with the goal of providing quality, healthy instruction for anyone wanting to improve their voice – regardless of location, income, singing level, or genre.

Founded in 2004, She Sings Out, Inc. is dedicated to creating quality vocal training products at an affordable price for both the professional and aspiring vocalist.