Single #2 for July, "Wonderwall
Hey gang, just a quick note to let you know August's second single, "Wonderwall" will be coming to you by in the next few days! In the "songs I wish I wrote" vein of things, this one sits near the top and I hope you enjoy my version of the classic from across the pond. We're getting the swing of things over here with all this newness and fun, and we hope everything is working well on your end as well with the downloads, etc. As always, let us know if you have any questions and we're here to help! We're more than halfway to the first milestone goal of $800 which gets all of you every single album KK has released so far, and sharing the news about the KK Music Fan Club with all your friends will help to make that happen. We'll keep pumping out new music and content for you, and get more awesome stuff. You can spread the word by sending homies to! Kyle
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