Single - BUFF RHEA!
EDIT: The "Bright" version is what's shown above, and something I made after looking at this image on my phone and barely being able to see the highlights in Rhea's hair. The original version is still attached below if you thought it looked fine before.

Poll Description - Rhea, clearly mid-party (Is thrilled to suddenly grow bigger and more muscular)

Though it was later confirmed that the punch was enchanted and responsible for Rhea's sudden growth, it turned out there was but a minuscule chance of it happening, and only women could get such a result.

It is true that every man at the party who eagerly grabbed a cup did transform a short while after, but all of them became lean and androgynous with fantastic hair instead of huge and beefy.

Though many were disappointed by their newly acquired beauty, one normally heavyset party-goer who wished to LARP as an elf the following day was delighted.


I experimented with my approach to color with this one, and my entire philosophy of how to handle coloring, when and why to add highlights / gradients, etc. As such, it took even longer to color than normal, but I think what I determined while making it will help other color images go faster.

Still not fast enough to consider making the comic in general in color. Heck, I spent a bunch of time just settling on what color to make the wall o_O

Sidenote: I am aware the pose is fairly absurd, but I like the energy! If it bothers you, just imagine it's a brief moment in time before she settles on her ACTUAL pose that happens to be super sensible and easy to hold.

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