Sink or Swim
I toppled off the step and plunged straight into the water.

Sinking under the surface, I saw Marvie and Ollie both appear above the water. I swam up toward them, and as I broke the surface I saw Marvie rolling (literally) in the air laughing (his laugh is a weird sort-of chirp-warble sound) while Ollie snapped pictures.

Marvie then splashed into the water like a giant metallic laughing picture-stealing beach ball and maneuvered up to me, stopping right in front of my chest, and nuzzled himself into my belly, pushing me back toward the steps.

I reached over the top of his round body and grabbed onto a couple of the few protrusions his frame has. He rolled backward, pulling me up like a wet fish on top of him, floated up effortlessly and plopped me back at the top of the steps, where I sat dripping. The end of one of his tube-like protrusions opened and a combination of radiant heat and warm air came out. I felt myself getting dryer, although I couldn't tell if I was being blow-dried or microwaved. I think my skin got a little tanner though.

As you already know, I didn't get the picture from Marvie. As you also already know, there are several other pictures that Ollie and Marvie took that I didn't get away from them.

Right at that moment, as I sat there in a puddle on the steps at my lake house, a blue beam of light flashed to me from the other side of the lake.