Sinkin' the Mayo!
Hello, patrons, and welcome to May, and I am very happy -- and grateful -- to report that this month we've passed another funding goal! That means we will be getting a full-length audio podcast episode starring Hsu and Chan, but much more importantly, it means we're one step closer to where the big stuff starts -- the $500 level, and constant larger-scale video projects!

A word on the audio podcast: I announced the possibility of doing a Hsu and Chan podcast some time before I did the first episode of "Hsu and Chan Look at Things," and to be completely honest, most of the flavor of what I wanted to do with the podcast I've already accomplished with the game videos (in truth, most of them already work pretty well as audio-only), so I don't know if there'll be much more to the audio podcasts than the initial episode -- but, that being the case, I'm going to go all-out with the initial episode and make it a full hour. I'll give you more details once I get started.

In the meanwhile, my current project is a new, non-Hsu-and-Chan video that's a bit different, and you should see it in the next week! 

Till next time, this is Norm, thanking you sincerely for continuing to make this possible. Big stuff coming!

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