Sins of the Past, second draft of chapter 2
Alys came to on the ground, slowly pushing herself up to a sitting position and checking her jacket pocket for her flask which was now dented and had a piece of debris lodged in it, stopping the piece of metal from puncturing her chest.

"Fucking had this for 500 years and now its done for, oh well. Hey Red, you alright?" She asked, throwing the flask out and rubbing her forehead to check for bleeding.

"Wh-where the fuck am I? What happened?" Morrigan replied a few yards away. Alys brought herself to her feet and made her way over to the girl, nearly tripping over herself in the process and taking a look around her surroundings to confirm her suspicions. When she got to Morrigan she stopped for a moment, assessing the situation.

"Ok, uh, don't panic, but I need you not to move." She informed, slowly getting closer to her as she tried to find a way to word what she saw in a way that wouldn't immediately alarm her. Morrigan didn't listen though as her head shot to Alys' direction and then looked around to see what happened with her.  Her arm was pinned under a large piece of the console and her legs under another large piece of it.

"Alys what the fuck happened? Wait, where's Lysander?"

"We were shot down, you tried to radio a tower that didn't respond, and who's Lysander?" Alys replied, instinctively going for her flask before remembering she threw it out minutes before. A figure began to materialize in front of her, flickering in and out of existence for a few seconds until a full body manages to construct itself. He was tall, at least a foot taller than Morrigan who came in at 6 foot 4, his body was slim, toned, and he had a deep brown complexion. His hair was long, dyed white, dreaded, tied up with a deep purple ribbon, his eyes mismatched and the same colors as Morrigan's, one aqua and one purple, and in an odd move he's in a bespoke suit that's maroon with a matching tie and black dress shirt. His face was clean shaven, his nails were painted a nice sky blue, and the only article he was wearing that didn't go with the suit were the studded boots.

"Hello, we haven't met, I'm Lysander. Now, would you mind telling us what the fuck you got us into?" He started, looking down on Alys from above and trying to guess at her intentions. He was able to get a good look at her for the first time since she met Morrigan and she was different than he thought she would be. She was the shortest of the three of them at a couple inches shorter than Morrigan but wore heels so she looked taller than his partner. The first thing that caught his attention were her eyes, pure blue and her puplis were slits, not regular circles like everyone else's. Her cloak was tattered and the hood that was on it got ripped off in the crash and laid over her left shoulder. Her hair was odd to say the least, it was long and purple, but in some areas it was short, black, and resembled fur, and that weird fur-like look carried over to parts of her face as well. She looked old, but exactly how old she was wasn't discernable, she could've been 30 but also could've been 115. One thing Lysander was able to figure out was she was from the Fortaana Ring, according to the records he studied, it was where a majority of the Earthlings from the middle east settled after leaving cryo. She was a mystery to him, and he wondered if she wanted to stay like that, either for her own protection, or for an aesthetic she was going for, either way, he didn't trust her.

"He's real? I thought he was some voice in your head." Alys replied, cautiously taking a step back and ripping what remained of her hood off, causing a tear in her cloak that showed her clothing underneath, long red gloves that came up to halfway on her biceps, and a strapless, form fitting bodice that made her breasts look bigger than they were. She either came from money or had very light fingers, and the weird fur thing continued throughout her entire body, it wasn't just limited to her face like Lysander initially thought. Alys started feeling uncomfortable with how much of her she saw and covered her torso with the remnants of her cloak, revealing a long, slender tail underneath.

"Oh I'm very much real, mutie." Lysander replied, spitting the last word out with enough venom to poison a fully grown velocitar. Alys rolled her eyes at his remark and made her way back towards Morrigan, looking over her shoulder and back at Lysander.

"Can you lift shit or are you useless in that respect?" She asked.

"Hologram, dumbass, can't lift anything." He replied, making his way back over and closer to Morrigan.

"Ok Red, what do you want free first, your arm or your legs?" Alys asked, taking a look at the situation Morrigan was in once more.

"My arm, blaak'dal." Morrigan replied, rolling her eyes as she did so before continuing, "Ly, will I be able to walk?"

"Fuck no, I'll have to run a healing program for quite some time until you can."

"How long, she can't do shit in this jungle unless she can walk." Alys asked.

"I dunno, maybe a day or two." He informed, "Maybe half a day but I'm not too positive on that."  He informed, taking a seat under one of the trees close by.

"Fuck, that'll do then. Red, I might not be able to keep this off of your arm for long so right when you don't feel pressure, I need you to remove your arm as fast as possible. Got it?" Alys told Morrigan who gave a short nod in response.

"Ok one, two, now Red." She counted down, lifting the section of console as she said now and was able to hold it up for long enough so Morrigan could get her arm out. Alys dropped the console a few seconds later where it was as she made her way to the smaller section of console that pinned Morrigan's legs.

"I'm gonna flip this part on it's side, ok Red?" Alys informed, getting another nod from Morrigan before she lifted the other piece and rolled it over on its side. Lysander got up and made his way to the girls before getting in Alys' face.

"What have you gotten us into?"

"I just asked for a ride to Skorri, not my fault we got shot down on Jolder..." Alys' voice trailed off as she walked through Lysander and to the tree he was sitting under, running her fingers over an icon cut into the tree and thousands of memories came rushing back to the surface as she dropped to her knees and hit her head on the trunk. "Back here, where I was kept prisoner."