Sippin' on Life Illustrations Project
This art project is a way to start a conversation, to inspire a spark of personal exploration. It is a fun and easy way to take a closer look at the little things in life that you love.

I have currently completed three Sippin' Scene illustrations, and have another five drafted and in the works. 

Get started with 3 Simple Questions:

  • What is your Favorite Animal? 
  • What is your Favorite Place? 
  • What is your Favorite Drink?

With each one, think about how you feel when you’re in that place, when you’re with that animal, and when you’re enjoying that drink. What is the energy like? Lively and joyous, or possibly serene and introspective. You can get as literal or metaphysical as you desire, there are truly no right or wrong answers.

I'd love to hear your answers, and a little bit about what brings you Joy.