Sir Butler and Boy Book cover preview
With taxes done it's back in the drawing seat to get ready for the SBB book kickstarter. I've been mainly making images of all the extras I'm offering, but yesterday I sat down and with the help of your feedback on this old post on the cover and finalised the sketch.

The theme of this one is secrets, so I took inspiration from a panel I did back in For Starters and put our boys under lock and key. This makes it the only cover with all three of them on it, perfect for the front!

Today after psyching myself up I managed to sit down and ink it.

I started with the key details around the keyhole, slowly letting myself get back into the swing of drawing before taking on complicated things like people. 

This is one of the most nerve wracking things I've inked because this is IT,  this is the image that's going to get people to pick up the book and buy it. 

Couple hours and some photoshop wizardry later...


Wait for it....




Ahhhhh <3

It ticks all the boxes: Bold enough to be seen from a distance, intricate enough to give people an idea of the illustrations inside, and enough homoerotic subtext that people know it's HELLA GAY before picking it up. 

Are you getting excited, because I sure as hell am now :D

I might tweak a bit of layout here and there for the final book, but it's SO GOOD to get such an important task checked off the list before the Kickstarter launches. 

Now to do everything else!

Xx Tab

 (PS, look out in your letter boxes folks, if you got a christmas card from me there's a very special invite coming your way...)  

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