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For about a dollar a month you get:

-my personal thanks (and yes, personal does mean that I'll be writing to you),
-You'll also get access to a supporters-only archive, which has character secrets and extra material, including all of the old vote incentives.
-And you will also be one of the few who reserves the right to scoff at my work when I kill off your favorite characters. You can sit there, sipping your fine wines and tonics, muttering, "I didn't sign up for this."
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For five dollars a month you get:

-All of the 25 cent goodies,
-and a mini-commission! I'll draw a quick digital sketch for you. In the past, these have been primarily waist-high sketches. Let me know what character you want (even if it's not one of mine), and I'll make something just for you.
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Wow, this is some dedication, right here. For 25 dollars a month you get:

-All of the $1 goodies,
-As well as a PDF of the first Sire GN. (Currently working on formatting this.)
-Also, you're getting put on Lineage Haven's Christmas card list (which you will actually receive in the mail).
-Also, once a year, I'll send you some merch for your troubles, and the haul will get better as the comics grow bigger. We'll start with keychains, then work our way to posters and more.
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Whoo. You're essentially paying for my internet by doing this. It's $50 a month. You've literally bought me an internet. So...

-First off, you're getting everything from the other level pledges. No question.
-And I'll make it better. Your sketch for signing up? BAM. Traditionally inked, and with a second character in there. I'll mail you the hard copy.
-And your next annual merch haul will include a signed copy of the Sire graphic novel, if you don't already have one. If you do, we'll chat about additional arts.
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