Siren Story Characters - Johnnie (description below)
Meet our first human!
(Technically, since I'm still thinking about Jessa)

This is Johnnie, an eighteen year old freshly transferred to the highschool/sixth form on the Island. He's a native American that has come all the way to the Island in hopes of finding a mermaid, something he's been obsessed with all his life - he's also Wrey's neighbour!

Some trivia about Johnnie: 

- He is a professional climber; the youngest to ever climb Annapurna. He's also climbed Broad Peak; he failed at Lhotse before moving to the Island but is planning on attempting again soon. 

- His biggest dream is to climb mount everest 

- He can't swim (convenient, ey;)) 

- Wears scrunchies in his hair

There's not much I know about Johnnie yet. If y'all have any cool personality traits or quirks you can think of that would suit him, let me know! 

(the next chapter of Lirim is coming later tonight so keep a head's up ;))