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Sirius conjunct The U.S. Natal Sun:

The U.S. Natal Sun in Cancer is located at a most auspicious place:

it's conjunct Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens!

As always, some additional study material to grasp the overarching theme here!

watch this full series by my good friend Truthiracy3 on the esoterica of Sirius and the Freemasons in pop culture.

Independence Day of July 4th - Aphelion

July 4: Sirius Independence

excerpts by Robert Wilkinson:

July 4 - January 3

"Every year our sun conjoins the star Sirius, at 13.5 degrees Cancer, during the first week in July; that is, as seen from the earth, the sun lies in front of Sirius which lies at the same celestial longitude as the astrological sign of Cancer in the sky. Astrologically, a conjunction is the strongest aspect celestial bodies can have.
Today, this occurs on July 5th, but it occured earlier in the past, since the background of stars shifts 1 degree every 72 years. We call this the "Precession of the Equinoxes" , and it accounts for the occult significance of the number 72.

Since we celebrate July 4th as the birthday of the US in commemoration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and we know that the timing of this event has moved three days (or degrees) in the last 210 years, we must presume that either the Founding Fathers were a little off in their celestial reckoning, or that they adjusted their date to account for the slippage into the future.

Interestingly, the major axis of the earth's orbit is such that we are farthest from the sun on July 4th and closest to it on January 3rd each year, so that at the beginning of our current calendar year, the earth lies between the Sun and Sirius, and Sirius "culminates" or "climaxes" (is at it's high point in it's nightly path and dirctly on the north south meridian line) at midnight; and thus the midnight new year's firework climactic explosions serve as a celebration of the meridian passing of Sirius as we pass between it and the sun, while the fourth of July celebrations express the explosive conjunction or divine union of our Sun with Sirius. " end quote.

January 3rd is the perihelion, meaning the CLOSEST point in earths orbit to our sun, which is the NEW YEAR of recent times, because it marks the crossing of the meridian between our sun and Sirius and marks the rebirth of the year, where the opposition is July 4th, the aphelion of the sun, meaning AWAY FROM (INDEPENDENCE), the furthest point from the sun in our solar year, the time of our INDEPENDENCE from the Sun and Sirius, when we proverbially impregnate the cosmic womb of the nIght sky with the light of God (fire works) in order for the Cosmic Womb to give rebirth to our solar year (Sun of God) the next winter solstice season at the Earth's crossing of the meridian at perihelion all over again! (see image below) Thats a whole other story, see my full
Occulted Christmas presentation here.

The APO HELION, Greek APO "AWAY FROM", is known as the APSIS, just like Egyptian APIS solar bull, and Greek HELIOS, later Roman APOLLO "the sun". The later days of JULY is when we enter the sign of LEO, the LION, hence we have the APH ELION. God/EL's SUN or the LION of ZION/SION, with its bright orange mane representing the CORONA or the CORONE, the CROWN of KRONOS/ EL / GOD of the old testament. SION or SCION is the offSPRING, the LINEAGE, or DESCENDANT. Hence we are the CHILDREN OF OUR SUN! 

MAYbe now you'll know why Superman, Kal EL is the SON of the HOUSE OF EL, and represents the archetype of the SUN, which is he draws his power from the SUN just as we do. See my full Superman Jesus presentation here>>

"The star Sirius, the “Dog Star,” is said to be the “Sun of our Sun,” and as such is more important for us locally here on Earth than even the fabled "Galactic Center," the subject of much speculation and folklore. This is the time of year when our Sun returns to an exact alignment with Sirius, promising an illumination of whatever that star is about. 

Whatever the misty origins of human culture and fertility, what we do know about Sirius mythology comes from Ancient Egypt's reverence of this star. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians noticed that the Nile flooded every year when the Sun lined up with Sirius. Since the floodwaters made the entire valley fertile, bringing sustenance, life, and stability, it only seemed natural to bless Sirius for this abundance, hence The highest ranking figures in Egypt's pantheon of Gods and Goddesses are all associated with Sirius, including Isis, Osiris, Horus, Hathor, Anubis, and Thoth."

There is alot of compelling speculation based on ancient cosmogony presenting that our Sun Helios and Sirius are in a binary system. That the cycles of perigee between these two star systems is what causes periodicity of MASSIVE celestial upheaval, the foundation of the Yuga cycle of consciousness rising, culminating in massive achievement followed by utter devastation and then falling into long periods of desolation and forgetting.

In the eyes of Freemasonry, especially those of the founding fathers steeped in the ancient mystery traditions of Egypt and empires past, our modern climax of firework explosions is yet another ancient sexmagick phire fertility ritual to mark and commemorate the events during the path of, and return of the sun, same as Beltane, New Years Eve, winter solstice etc, From Aphelion to perihelion. 

The Fireworks, missiles and explosives have always been known in esoterica to symbolically represent the celebration of the creation of Life, (but also the death of life) the microcosm of the macrocosm, the orgasm of the organism into the "womb of creation" known as the night sky as the momentous conception of the Heiros Gamos, the "Sacred Marriage"  and the unification of the two spheres of creation, consisting of a male and female gamete, bringing a divine collision course in the pronuclear fusion which sparks the creation of a Universal Zygote, the macrocosmic sexual ritual to create changes in reality, to birth conceptual realities into physical events, and to create universes.

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"Sirius, known as the "Dog Star", is the brightest star in the sky. Located in the constellation Canis Major (Bigg Dogg), Sirius is nine times more brilliant than a standard first magnitude star. Canis Major is the larger of two dogs which follow Orion, the Hunter, as he faces Taurus, the Bull (materiality, the fixed earth sign, the sensual, the base human nature, the beast). "

"The dog days of summer derive their name from the fact that the ancients associated the extreme heat of summer (in the northern hemisphere) with the magnanimous conjunction of our Sun and Sirius. That is, those who could conceptualize the geometry necessary to understand astronomy and celestial mechanics. It's not every one's cup of tea.

In The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Sirius is described as the place where souls go after they leave the body. Egyptian temples were oriented toward Sirius, and a calendar was created centered on the annual conjunction of the Sun with Sirius. Sirius represented, therefore, the religious concept of rebirth (which has today become "borne again") as an extrapolation of the annual flooding. This included the idea of death and rebirth, ie. reincarnation, which the greatest pyramids are devoted to. More prosaically, Sirius is also the key to survival, the organization and use of time, and the successful management of civilization. The mythology of Sirius extends across our planet to include the empires of Greece, Persia, Rome, China, and the Mayans.

In esoteric philosophy we are told that Sirius is the source of the Intelligences that originally came from the star Sirius to give infant humanity the source of Divine Wisdom, the Divine Spark of Sacred Fire from the Halls of the Blue Flame. "

Sirius, as the astronomical foundation of the entire Egyptian, and thus all religious systems since, as well as many other ancient empires, carries profound metaphysical and esoteric meaning. If there exists an actual guiding intelligence to Earth's evolution, it most certainly can be associated with Sirius. And the United States, with its Sun conjunct Sirius, represents, therefore, the clearest channel for this extra-human agency to manifest its will, whatever that may be. For those who might assume that supernatural guidance is America's fate, it might be wise to recall that all empires have had an expiration date, ending in the "age of decadence" which is heralded by the proliferating "bread and circuses" to distract and pacify the public. 

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