Sister Location Remix - Machine Circus!
Hey guys! It's FNAF-time, again!

With the Sister Location trailer out, so many melodic thoughts ran through my head! I wanted to make this remix sound a bit like my original FNAF remixes, but with more of an eerie atmosphere. I was going to put voices (audio clips) in this track, but I really didn't think they would fit with the track! However, I do intend to put them in the next Sister Location remix! (When the game comes out)

The track also contains hints as to what I'm working on next, just in case you didn't see the video teaser on Youtube... ;)

I've decided to add Instrumental Packs to these music posts, so I hope you enjoy them! Oh yeah, the BPM for this track is 140, just in case you were wondering! Also included are MP3 320 and WAV format files! :D