Sister Spit 2018: QTPOC Cruising the West
Exciting news! 

I'm gonna hit the road with Sister Spit in March of 2018! 

I'll be performing with Jamal T. Lewis, Andrea Abi-Karam, Wo Chan, Virgie Tovar, Jay Dodd, and Juliana Delgado Lopera.

I last joined Sister Spit in their Next-Generation phase, and wrote all about it in my self-published Sister Spit Diary 2011, which you can purchase from Retrofit Comics.

If you're in California, Nevada, Arizona or New Mexico, and you want Sister Spit to come to your school or venue, contact our tour manager at: [email protected] 

About the Sister Spit Tour

In 2018 Sister Spit celebrates its 21st anniversary. The tour began in San Francisco in the 1990s as a weekly, girls-only open mic that was an alternative to the misogyny-soaked poetry open mics popular around the city at that time. Sister Spit became the first all-girl poetry roadshow at the end of the 90s, and toured regularly with such folks as Eileen Myles, Beth Lisick and Nomy Lamm.

The tour was revived as Sister Spit: The Next Generation in 2007. In this next incarnation, out of respect to the changing gender landscape of our queer communities, the tour welcomed artists of all genders, including Chinaka Hodge, Dorothy Allison and Justin Vivian Bond.

Sister Spit 2018 marks a new chapter in the tour’s history. As Radar Productions, the non-profit that houses Sister Spit, has shifted its vision toward Queer & Trans People of Color (QTPOC) specifically, so too has the tour shifted lineup and style. Sister Spit will tour the West Coast and Southwest in March 2018, featuring 7 artists who offer intersectional perspectives to issues of race, size, class, gender and sexuality. 

This year we will offer our traditional hosted lineup as well as a new option titled “QTPOC Think Tank,” where touring artists engage in public conversation with each other around topics of artistic and cultural importance, such as representation, language and neo-colonialism. We invite our potential hosts to consider booking one or both of these public performances.