Sisters of the Heart - Podcast Branding
My best friend Jenna (@Jell0) and I have started a podcast called Sisters of the Heart, a conversation between found siblings. We already have 2 episodes up and a couple more in the works, and it's been a really fun alternative project to work on as an excuse to get our giggles out and keep in touch.

I've been working on the branding for the podcast, and since we've been jokingly calling our potential listeners S(L)OTH(s) because of the show's acronym of SOTH (kind of like how the McElroy brothers have their MBMBAMbinos), the mascot kind of stuck.

So here's some technicolor sisterly sloths! I hope you'll give it a listen, you can download it wherever you get your podcasts. Also, follow us on twitter at @SOTH_Podcast