I want to apologize for issues that have been occurring with the site. I wanted to make a post about it, but the outage took down the website so no blog. So, it's been helter skelter on various social media and email inquiries as they've come in. However, I can post on Patreon and make the post visible to the public rather than to just Patreons.  I would have thought it sooner if severe back pain wasn't messing with my mind.  Dealing with this issue hasn't helped. 

So here's what happened.  The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio website went down on Friday. I can't access it through FTP or any other way. I called my web host about this issue on Friday at Noon and was told I would hear back from their higher up admins in 24 hours. I called them back 31 hours later and no action at all had been taken on the case. I also found out on that call that I should have received an email from my hosting company when my website was taken down but didn't. It appears I will have to call in to a specific department at my host tomorrow from my day job to get this resolved.

 In the midst of this, I set our Feedburner feed,  with which most people access the show through Itunes and other sites, to a back up feed I set up during our last hosting issue nearly five years ago when I was on a shared host and uploaded the last week of shows. If you are subscribed to that Feedburner feed, you will have the most recent episodes available and will continue to receive them as soon as I post them each day, until this issue is resolved. 


You may also check out our YouTube Archive where I'm currently uploading old episodes :


In addition, there are issues with our app. Most are related to the problem we had 

At this time, no doubt there will be questions and suggestions about moving hosts and that is a process I'm willing to consider. Certainly, the stability of our Patreon Contributions allows us to consider other comparable hosting options. Of course, due to the size and scope of our show and its archives, not every host can handle this.  We require a dedicated server. I've done some preliminary investigation on possible companies and will consider this at the appropriate time. I don't relish the thought of moving thousands of audio and video episodes to another host.  The process can range from relatively simple to painstakingly complex.

Whether we remain at the same host will be determined on what the full nature of the issue is, if our host will make things right, and whether they can continue to meet our needs.  

Finally, I want to convey that I'm truly sorry about this whole situation. I know how many folks really value this show and I value sharing these programs with all of you.

I will keep you posted on any updates as they become available.