Site Update: New Patreon Rewards!

First off - WE ARE NOT DEAD!

Site had some major Wordpress issues that I'm still trying to figure out now. Different apps stopped working altogether along with Facebo--I'm sorry, FACEBOOK integration dying out caused some major headaches lately. I think we're ready to get back to business, but we will see about finding some workarounds.

Secondly, I've changed out the Patreon Reward Tiers! Gone are all the Buff Daddies and American Males. The $1 Reward Tier has been renamed to the FRIENDS FOREVER Tier, which has all of the same things as before. It's the basic barrier of entry for early access to scans, site/life updates and other exclusives I upload here.

I have also added an $8 Reward Tier for those PIN-HEADs out there! Each month, I will send out a unique WCW-related enamel pin to those who pledge. The pin will come with a complete backing card and will all be handled by the fine folk at Pollyanna! Pins will ship WORLDWIDE as well. 

I'll have a blog post each month for every design, and for this first month, I've already got my first test pins back. Special thanks to Dave Cole for the outline on this:

If you were all about Kenny's Krib, this is for you. 

Looking forward to making more of these. 


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