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Sithrah #3: Text Revision
So I totally messed up last month when I posted this page and didn't mark it as a paid post and so nobody was charged. I contacted Patreon and they said to just repost it as a paid post. I hope you are all okay with that. So most likely this month there will be 2 paid posts. I'll wait to send the original art for the $10 tier next month. And I might even send two patrons art since I missed this month. :) Some good news is that one of our patrons has been helping me with the text and I think he is pretty smart and so far I am loving his subtile suggestions of how to make things flow better. So instead of just uploading the same post again, I've updated the text to make it read smoother and look better. Tell me what you think. I still plan to make a font specifically for this book but I will be able to see what works best after I finish a few more sections. Thank you so much for all your support! I really think this platform is going to be amazing as it grows. I'll post the inks for post #4 next because I just finished it! :) See you soon! Jason