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Sithrah Book 3: pages 164-171
Hey guys!

Here is the second to last SITHRAH 3 update. The next one will finish off the book. I seriously cannot believe things are getting finished as fast as they are. I just delivered my last update to Webtoons a few minutes ago too and told them I'll be taking a 3 month "season" break. But that doesn't mean I won't be working like crazy to get stuff done. I'll be taking that time to do thumbnails and sketches and inks and even colors for book 4 and I'll be showing you guys everything I'm doing along the way. So once again, you will be months ahead of everything that anyone else can see. :)

I wanted to let you know of some of the changes that I made and will make to this Patreon for book 4. Here is a little list of my thoughts:

- CHANGES to the $1 tier: From this point on the $1 tier will be for those who just want to see the finished pages and don't care about all the behind the scenes stuff. It seems to me that this is about 90% of the group.

- CHANGES to the $3 and $5 tier: The $3 tier will now be rolled over into the $5 tier. And this will be the Back-Stage-Pass so to speak. With the $5 tier you will have access to the thumbnails and sketches, monthly video calls, lifestreams as I work, archives of past video calls and stuff like that. Going forward I am planning to have more stuff to do in the video calls too. I think it's time to change some things up to make this video call even better. :)

- $10 tier will remain the same and include access to everything in the $5 tier still.

- $20 tier will be removed as soon as book 3 is all accounted for here on Patreon. So basically, next week will be the last week of the $20 tier. (Oh wait, I already removed the $20 tier. ) Haha. Well, there you go.

One other change: I will probably be changing the wording on this Patreon as well so that it says that you will be charged "per Update" instead of "per Comic Update" because going forward, I am going to be experimenting with other art things here and some of the weeks might be devoted to them. For instance, I'd love to show you my progress with my Cognitive Drawing project and maybe some weeks I will focus on an elaborate Youtube video production. You can always cap your monthly donation and I will never post more than one paid post a week. But I just wanted to let you know the direction I am planning to go as things grow. 

Thanks again and please let me know what you think of all this. Thanks so much for your amazing support and I'll see you next week!