Sithrah Update - Preview, Printing, Proofs!
Hello my wonderful patrons! Thank you for January's support! I wanted to show you all a quick video update that I posted on my Kickstarter page yesterday. I thought you might like it. Here is the link: I finally got all the proofs for everything in Sithrah approved and it looks great now. We had some trouble getting the registration to line up correctly on the front and back cover because I was trying to do something tricky by stamping the first letter of the title and then printing the rest of the letters. Ha! You would think that I would do something easier now that I've had some book printing experience. Well, I guess I like to make things harder than they need to be for some reason but I love the way it turned out and I think you will too. So basically we are kinda pushing it to the limit as far as the schedule goes. This proofing took way longer this time and so we are running up against Chinese New Year which is starting pretty soon in China and that means that all the printers are going to be shutting down for a while. I'm not sure exactly if we can get this all printed and bound and on a boat before the party starts but I'm praying it can happen. Anyway, thanks again for your amazing support on this project! You guys have really been a huge blessing to me and my books. :) I'm putting together links for all the $15 patrons now with PSD master files. Be looking for an email from me soon. I'll also announce winners of the January art giveaway too here soon. (And for those of you who won last month, I still haven't sent them out so do worry, they are still coming.) Thanks again everyone and I'll see you soon! Jason
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