Siva --Vol 5-- Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Mefisto Barges In

The vision was gone and was imprinted on their hearts like an undying painting.

Everyone saw that warm and beautiful smile on her face. What more, they were all moved by the fact that they also saw the legendary ‘Nine Braves’ of that war that started and dictates the course of the story of this game.

Siva lay there with Scion on his lap.

He brushed her face and then looked at the people around him. He saw their looks of either respect or veneration, or awe…. or disbelief.

After all, they were still unable to patch things through on how things had ended just now.

They were still in shock by the fact that they had just seen ‘Terra’, the very woman who was with the ‘Braves’ on the war that started this game.

When Siva killed Mefisto’s demon in Dragona, all players of Terroa alive at that time were able to see her, Terra.

Her beauty was captivating, but what they can’t forget was the fact that her crying face could break hearts and ignite a fiery storm.

Siva looked up to the ceiling as if he was trying to feel for something and then closed his eyes and breathed out a long and deep sigh.

He held Scion’s hand and felt the two items on her grasp.

One was the familiar white MOD with a mysterious faint white glow….

.…the other was another Unique MOD with a blue hue and a visible faint golden radiance.

Upon checking it, Siva sighed and closed his hand on hers, showing no intention of getting the items.

“So that’s Janus’s legacy, huh?” He whispered.

Right after that, Siva caressed her face again then glanced over the people in the dungeon.

“Guys, I thank you for supporting me. But this is just the beginning, the real fight starts here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone saw the same black smoke skin curse slowly creep over from his body to his neck which shocked all of them.

It was as if this ‘Siva’ was about to vanish again!

“S-Siva…” Thorn tried to speak and call out to him but he stammered instead and couldn’t put the right words to actually say.

Siva turned to him and nodded, “We’ll meet again in the future. By that time, I hope you’re still my ally like right now.”

Thorn breathed out as he and the others stood up with looks of complicated emotions burning in their hearts towards Siva.

Why would their emotions be not stirred? They just heard a ridiculous conversation, saw a very ludicrous notion of a Mortal God, witnessed the vision of this game world’s main story characters saying their goodbyes to Siva, and perhaps… the greatest shock and catalyst to these emotions going berserk the way they are now is on the fact that Siva and Scion… had different personas hiding within their bodies.

Especially Siva…!

How could they forget Deb’s reaction earlier when [Siva] first appeared?

So it turns out that the ‘Siva’ that decimated the Port City of Dragona was different from the ‘Siva’ that many players in The North have been chasing to all over the continent… and the ‘Siva’ that they have unknowingly been following, all this time, was also a different person.

In fact, remembering how it all happened; from the “Mefisto Event” in Dragona down to this one shocking revelation now, there’d be at least three different personalities hiding in that avatar.

[That] ridiculous fact alone could cloud any other confusing things that had been laid bare in front of them just a few moments ago.

And that is the reason why even though they all wanted to say something, even though they all wanted to have a piece to tell Siva… they couldn’t find the right words to say.

Especially now that with the creeping black smoke skin curse was beginning to rise again as if it was trying to take over that which it had consumed and temporarily handed over to [Siva] earlier… a look of confusion could be seen on their faces.

With enough courage and will, the first to recover was Coralline who took all of her guts to say her own piece in the matter:

“Tell me… is there a way to… to turn you back the way you originally looked like?”

Not wanting to lose to the moment, Niobe also followed, “When will I see the normal you again?”

Every male in the room felt surprised, shocked, or perhaps… they all felt… helpless that they could only shake their heads in resignation –including Heller who couldn’t stop himself from tittering.

Siva smiled warmly and chuckled, “I’ve already resolved myself to fix this curse as soon as this mess in Alexandria had been fixed. If you don’t leave my side in the future, then we will definitely meet again.”

The black skin curse had already crept over his nape, then on his temple and it was now about to cover his face…

The two girls were satisfied with the reply as they both smiled sweetly with anticipation. 

Siva glanced over at the men and laughed.

“I will properly thank you guys the next time we meet so I request that… until then, you stick around and help me. I promise that you will not regret it the slightest….”

Why does it seem that he was saying goodbye?

They all asked this question.

But while they were thinking about this question, Siva’s warm smile cast at the empty space of the cellar dungeon where all of a sudden, the sound of tapping footsteps could be heard.

When these footsteps entered their hearing, the people in the cellar dungeon felt a different cold chill that immediately tan through their bodies.

It was similar to the cold yet raging ‘murderous desire’ that Siva emitted earlier; it has substance.

This one, however, was the kind… that sought after the murder just for the pleasure of it.

“Kekeke… it really took a while to penetrate this place’s spatial lock. Good thing you’re not yet fully awakened!”

When Siva saw the person, especially the perverted expression of degenerated desire for slaughter on the face he wore, not only he felt insulted but he also felt unsurmountable amount of rage swell up in his chest.

Because… he was wearing Janus’ face.

“Mefisto.” Siva’s glare burned with hatred and he stood up and put Scion on Coralline’s care as he emerged at the forefront of the group. “I may not be complete yet, but with my [authority] and you being incomplete as well, I can still make sure that when I lift my finger, you will not be returning back here within a significant timeframe.”

Hearing this, the grinning expression on the young Janus-face of Mefisto became serious and he locked his on Siva before his eyes shifted on the clutched hand of Scion.

“Janus’ Memory and… and… that’s Terra’s…!!”

As if Siva’s existence that protect Scion did not matter, Mefisto immediately leaped on and pounced forward, his face wearing an ugly look of greed while his right hand outstretched and ready to brush of Siva.

“Mine. Mine! MINE!!!”

Mefisto’s eyes were red with greed.

Everything was transpiring so fast no one was able to react in time to it.

From the time he appeared, and Siva’s words were delivered, only a second had passed and not even one of them were able to react in time to either protect Siva of create a barrier to resist him.

“Driven by greed at the first sight, you’re really a pitiful existence!”

“Get out of the way!” Mefisto roared and with his outstretched hand, within these splitting seconds, were suddenly covered by two blobs of black orbs that merged with his arm to become an Armguard with a long protruding fin blade that aimed at Siva.

Everyone was seeing this but their minds was not able to keep up and their mental faculties were still locked in the surprise and shock on the level of speed these two were moving.

It was like cheating but it wasn’t; like magic but too far from being it.

Siva’s fury erupted and while it was concentrated only at Mefisto, this raging hot fury turned into a large boulder that washed off the confusions and stunned mentality of the surrounding people, making their reflexes to move and pull up their weapons with a flash of light.

“Everything is mine!” Mefisto roared and for each one of the people in the group aside from Scion and Coralline, a black orb that formed into dark spears were aimed right at their faces.


They mustered their fastest speed to block the black spears but even though it didn’t kill them, it pinned their bodies to the wall.

It was at this point that Siva spoke with a cold and calm voice of hate, “Don’t forget that I am Siva… and I am still awake.”

The second part was uttered with a yell.

By now the curse had almost covered his cheeks, and the only visible skin on his face was nose, the mouth, and the eyelids.

Siva slightly leaned his body aside to let the black fin-blade pass through his nose with a hair’s width distance. With a split second flash, his left hand grabbed the empty air where Kladis’ former blue-blade sword appeared with an upward chopping motion.



Following the sound of Mefisto’s scream of agony is a dull ‘thud’ of his arm falling to the cold floor.

His mind roused, he backed up two steps but Siva had been incensed by his presence that he ignored the fallen hand as he followed his arching motion with his right hand grabbing the air and summoning the golden hammer for a mighty uppercut!

“Begone, filthy scum!


A muffled grunt, a blunt impact, and then a loud explosion of compacted wind released directly at point-blank range on Mefisto’s body.



Mefisto was blown off to the ceiling in but just a split of a fractioned second; like an upward meteor he pierced through the hard brick of the castle halls, penetrating through the floors above them and actually making out towards the darkened sky of Akhenaton.

Only when he was around400m above the castle base did he managed to yell out another scream along with his body managing to balance himself with an expanding black pair of wings.

Mefisto grabbed his right arm and…


…he roared furiously downwards.

But even when he just glanced downward at Siva, three bullets of fire landed square on his face, making three dark holes; one on his left eye, one to his right cheekbone, and one on his chin… that then burned with a bright golden fire covering his face, neck, and upper body.

A gargled cry of pain resounded as his head arched back from the impact.

But then, ten black orbs materialized around him while six of it merged and put out the fire on his face and body, while the other four merged on his right arm to replace what was lost.

Everything happened in but a split of a second!

His wounds were healed, his missing arm restored, even his clothes looked like they weren’t burned just now. But… although it seems that way, they pain and agony of the experience was still painted on his face as his expression boiled with his everlasting fury.


Even when Mefisto roared and pointed his right arm that then morphed into a large black cannon towards where Siva should have been, his eyes widened in shock as he realized that his vision had been split into two.

He saw two Sivas, on his left and on his right, both having a motion that said he had just chopped Mefisto in half with an upward slash.

But even as it did happen and his two halves parted 2cm away and then 5cm at the next moment, black gooey substances stretched on both his halves and joined the two together perfectly within just a second.

Again, Mefisto looked as if he was brand new with only his expression that showed unimaginable pain visible as proof of what happened.

“CURSE Y—!!!” he was about to roar but the golden hammer was already on his chest with a full force swing that snatched his words away from him.

Another grunting sound rung and he was once again flung like an upward meteor for another 400-500m.

—only this time, he had his right hand and he roared and cursed at Siva.


Even as he was hammered, flying upwards, his right arm’s black cannon’s bore congregated a purple light… and fire burst forth, a bright ray of white light with its center being purple red in color!

The moments seemed to slow as Siva looked up to Mefisto, the weapons on his hands already replaced with his «Eibon and Steve», and of the two moons of Terroa being the backdrop that highlighted the black shadow of Mefisto.

As mysterious as it seems to everybody, only Siva could see that everything within his vision was day but it was a clear night to everybody.

Thus… this startling image.

“In the end, only a Rune Weapon can kill a True Demon… I can only delay him the way I am now.”

The black skin curse had already creeped over his mouth, half-way to his nose, and half his eyes…

Siva glared at Mefisto and everything was in slow motion as he raised the guns.

While the curse wasn’t kicking in yet, he poured all of his Mana to the weapons and his arms took a change that could stun everybody.

Only when everything happening right now is replayed could they clearly appreciate how fast everything had transpired.

In a span of five seconds, from the cellar dungeon to the darkened skies above Apus Epirus, a magnificent show of brute force versus devilishly unfair regeneration ability, transcribed…

Siva’s arms changed… much like how Mefisto’s arms had become an arm- cannon, Sivas arms also changed into something akin to a bio-mechanical version of his stolen cannon, [Grand Ender].

What seemed to be blood vessels could be seen on both cannon-arms, the two were completely identical with only their colors different being black and white; the gun point was square and the rest was like a tree’s roots underground, grabbing hold of the bore of the arm-cannon like a welding of machine and flesh.

“Janus, I hope you’re seeing this…” Siva whispered and there were actually tears on his eyes as he fired with the left Eibon Cannon.


Following the explosion of light from Mefisto’s arm cannon, Siva’s arm-cannon shot forth as well.

Light was faster than sound and so, when these two bright lights were released, their sheer size and might, accompanied by their grand aura, it was all enough to actually silence everything that could create even a sliver of a sound.

The people in the castle base were looking up, their eyes glued to the darkness of the sky and the mysterious light of the bright moon.

One moment… that was all….

At the next, two 20m diameter pillars of savage lights erupted from their small figures and almost blinded everyone else with all its suddenness.

I bet nobody saw that title coming….




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