Siva Volume 5 Chapter 4

Chapter 04: The Captured Fairy

Elegant and imposing. Prince Volga did indeed have the imperiousness of a royalty and his very movements could betray the fact that he had a lewd expression in his eyes.

If he hadn’t introduced himself earlier, he would have been mistaken to be a lecher pretending to be a royalty.

Also, there was the fact that he addressed her as ‘Your Highness’ like she was already inclined to be his woman no matter the reply she gave.

“One more step and I will attack.” She declared, fear on her face and moved both hands to give him a gesture to stop.

Scion had seen how this world had changed the people in it. She had seen how this world could unleash the deepest desires in one’s heart. To be violent here is just showing one’s might and to some whose violence is greater than the rest, they are even treated with respect and given great fame.

To see people hurt others as if it was the most amazing thing in the world, it was just sickly to her values that’s why she can’t take it.

It was the reason why she had never bought and had not even an ounce of interest to this game when it was released. Even when Alice had urged her to join her circle and even do nothing and just be there, she still declined. If it were not for the fact that Alice told her that she saw Rex in this place, and confirmed that fact herself… she would have long abandoned any notion of ever being in this place.

And yet now, for the sake of her first love, she was here… searching for him… trying to help him as much as she can for Baron’s sake.

Because she saw how devastated Rex was at the news that his brother was in a coma. At that time, she couldn’t bring herself to stop crying for his sake… she was the one who helped heal his wounds and she was the one who saw through his recovery. She basically took care of him and to the expense of her own time…

Countless men had wooed her but they cannot move her heart. And yet, when she saw Rex abandon everything and even go so far as to cripple to the point of irreversibility the tendons on his hands just so he could free his brother out of their burning car… that selfless love and determination had moved her heart and captured her soul. It moved her to the point that she had forgotten everything and madly followed her heart until here, in this place…

She knew that what she feel for him was a sin and a betrayal of her profession but she can’t help it. For someone like her who actually don’t need to work for a living because of her family’s background, she chose to stick to this job after her internship at that time all because of Rex.

Everything… was for Rex Kingsley.

She was here because of him and she, as a woman, also knew that these feelings were also in the heart of the man it yearned for. If it wasn’t for the troubles that developed their current circumstances, Rex probably would have been her man by now.

Only… there was something that was stopping Rex and was holding his decision as hostage.

She knew it was Baron, one way or another, and it all had everything to do with that man in white tuxedo she saw that night.

“One more step, and I will attack.” Scion warned.

With how she had been treated thus far, she at least knew what the men of this world are all capable of. Thus, she did not dare to [Log Out] because once she logs out in a Neutral Zone with someone being there, if that person was such a despicable man with plans like this Volga, then she would surely regret it later on.

As every step he took gets him closer and closer to her, Scion was already in a corner when she felt the wall behind her.

“Don’t be scared, I will treat you nicely. I will make you feel good. I will treat you nicely.” 

Volga was trying to soothe her using his charm and natural elegance as a prince. Then, he took another step. By this step, he was just a meter away from her and if he wanted to, he can just jump at her and force his way in.

But as soon as he took that step, Scion’s hands shined with a glow of spell and a bluish fire erupted in the room that shocked Prince Volga.

His body froze and he felt the burning yet also freezing sensation permeating his skin.

“I told you!” Scion was screaming, eyes closed, she cast the spell and was actually preparing to cast it again.

This magic was a type of extreme cold magic spell that can melt the skin and felt like millions of ants gnawing at your flesh at the same time.

«Freezing Fire»

One of the two extreme magic spells that Scion possessed, she can cast this magic almost in an unlimited time because of the set up that Alice, FlowerLord, had given her.

Alice, knowing what Scion’s devastating beauty is capable of summoning, she ensured that even if she wasn’t around, she can still protect herself. 

Given her Initial Skill that lets her recharge 10% of her mana every ten seconds or so, with how maxed out the supporting talisman for her spells were in regards to cast time and cool down time –sacrificing range and mana requirements, she doesn’t have to think of anything and just cast her spells one after another.

Now that she was frantically trying to warn the other party that she will attack, and yet did not listen, she had no more leeway to spare as she cast one Freezing Fire after another.

Layers upon layers of blue fire covered his body and even though it did not diminish his health one bit, the sensation was still there and it wasn’t a good feeling.

“I warned you!” Scion declared and she cast another Freezing Fire again. “I warned you! I warned you not to get close to me! I warned you!”

The commotion in the room attracted the attention of the guards outside her doors and when they saw this scene where Prince Volga, one of the ‘Elders’ of the Blue Card Legion and is an important character, become like a statue with blue fire still burning on his body despite his golden shiny armor, they instantly alerted the superior present.

Because in truth, given normal circumstances, if it was another person, they would have attacked and apprehended the suspect. But looking at the beautiful face of Scion and how she was really afraid of his lascivious approach, they actually thought that Prince Volga deserved it.

Not long after, Hubert came and he did not waste any time and entered the room. When he saw the scene, he immediately made a frown and became angry, yet still had respectful tone as he reprimanded the culprit, “Prince Volga… I think you are mistaken about the identity of Her Excellency, Miss Scion. She is not an NPC and is also an honorable guest of The Legion. It is to all our own interests that you respect her status and her identity in regards to her position in The Blue Card Legion.”

Although she wasn’t tired, Scion was heaving pants. She was, in all respect, in fear of the fact that even though this world is just illusory, it can still simulate almost everything that was possible in the real world.

Including rape… that’s why she was afraid.

She had thrown all her fear in those attacks and knew that her victim had now learned his lesson.

And though it was because of Hubert that she was kidnapped, as she knew no one in this place called ‘The Legion’, then it was still best to rely on his protection –seeing that he wasn’t like the other men and also hold her identity at a higher regard than this so called ‘prince’.

Walking carefully at her, Hubert gave Scion a light bow and said, “I apologize for the treatment that you have to experience on The Legion, Your Excellency, but please rest assured, I shall make sure that this incident doesn’t happen again in the future.”

Scion looked at him but she didn’t reply.

Instead, she glanced at the window and then only spoke after a few moments, “Why did you bring me here?”

“It was a mission.” He blandly replied.

“Is your mission to kidnap me?”

“No.” Hubert shook his head. “It was my mission to bring back the MOD that Hanna obtained but as soon as it was activated, I also saw that your Guardian Spirit is of an important element in one of the missions that’s currently still in standby in our headquarters and thus, I was forced to bring you in on such a manner. Please, do not worry as I shall make sure that there will be no more incidents like this in the future.”

As Hubert spoke, he turned his head towards the still frozen yet still conscious Prince Volga.

He then turned back and faced Scion declaring in earnest, “I shall bring him outside then.”

With a move of his hand, three guards picked up the still frozen prince and then took the tea set that he brought with him.

Scion was left in her room, biting her lower lip.

As soon as the door closed in and the lock was latched, she collapsed on the floor and started crying while covering her face with her hands.

Her shoulders shook and her sobs bounced off the four lonely walls of the flat.

“Rex… save me…”

The pleading cry echoed and hearing it was enough to put even the stiffest and dullest cold hearted man to grow soft-hearted for her yearn.


Rex opened his eyes and removed the object that was obstructing his vision.

He placed the NLD on the side table on his bed as he sat up, fixed his hair, and massaged his eyes.

For the next few moments more, he didn’t move an inch on the bed because he was thinking of the news he heard from Thorn and Volt before he forced himself to log out.


Right now, they only knew that Amanda was from his personal life, someone very important to him.

After hearing this, Rex was, again, pitted between a hard choice and a cruel decision. It was so painful that he can’t let anyone see him when he submerges on this pitiful choice’s pressure offline.

“Amanda… I’m sorry.”

For the next few moments more, he let a tear fall on his right cheeks. He was told that Scion –Amanda’s avatar is a strong Arch Mage, a tile only for someone recognized by the elite Wizard-only Guild called Circle of Magi.

His choice… is backed by this information and so he closed his eyes and let a few minutes pass by to inwardly apologize.

“I promise, as soon as I get Baron, I will definitely find you and rescue you!”

When he recovered his mind, he glanced around and massaged his nose bridge and temples.

“Just how long was I there?” he murmured.

Dizzy and feeling hungry, he felt tired and very exhausted that he felt that he actually had been asleep for a whole day without eating.

Standing up, he turned towards the door and felt wobbly that there was not even enough strength to his knees to stand up straight.

“The hell?!”

He used the door to steady himself as he glance over the lower floor, hoping that Manang Fe was still around. But to his great disappointment, he realized that it was night and that the chances of Manang Fe being around the house at this time were slimmer than finding a needle in a hay stack.

Darkness crawls outside, betraying the time as when he was inside the game. Cold air is biting every corner of the entire house as he stepped on the kitchen to make himself a meal.

He mustered his strength and will, trying to be as quick yet productive as he can in cooking.

The first agenda was to make rice. After a minute, he went next to check the fridge for eggs or any leftover food.

Alas he was a neat eater and Manang Fe wasn’t fond of storing food in the fridge.

Sighing, Rex had to force himself to endure a full 30 minutes before the rice was cooked. He made two quick sunny side ups for a snack and when he felt that there were a little more strength on his knees, he made his way to cook a real ulam.

Forty minutes later, after his meal, he checked the time and date… only to gasp in surprise as he found out that he’s been there for almost two days straight!

Six hours more and he would have!

“Just what the heck happened?!” he exclaimed and immediately opened up the [email protected]

But before he could even connect it to any channel though, a call came in and he frowned as to see the ID of the number.

Ring after ring, he never wanted to answer the call but contrary to his wishes, the system in the house had been restored to AG’s control and thus he had no choice but to answer the call right now.

[You’re awake.] 

Greeted the enthusiastic man in white tux.

“Mn.” Rex nodded indifferently. “I myself is surprised to just how long I was in there…”

Sitting leisurely in the sofa, Rex looked at AG who was on the opposite side of him in a [email protected] rendering of a sofa.

[18hrs to be exact. Would you mind telling me what had happened there, Mister Kingsley? I am mostly interested to this Grand Quest you are privy of and is not telling this humble client of yours…]

Rex frowned and, again, thought bitterly that AG was aware of who he was inside the game.

Well, there was no hiding it anyways since the Senior Dante that he had a deal with is one of the mysteriously dangerous souls in his payroll.

Yet, more than anything, what actually caught Rex’s attention was the overly calm and very informed manner that AG was talking at the moment… and yet, even this… the fact that he was able to notice it, the fact that he was able to see through this guise of Augustus Laniary is actually making Siva rather alarmed.

Something happened inside the game that had everything to do with the Grand Quest and he, the one in the center of it all, had no idea what was actually happening!

Furthermore, at the very moment he had gained consciousness from a seemingly long sleep, he noticed that he’d been noticing more and more things in detail lately.

It was happening in and outside the game. 

This sense of awareness, of being able to notice things that aren’t really noticeable, was actually making him creeped out of himself.

“I don’t know.” He replied full of honesty. “I don’t actually remember. I lost consciousness sometime in the game and when I came to, I was already being chased by so many people and claiming that I was the key to some Grand Quest shit. I didn’t even know that Dragona was attacked and that there was going to be an event like this that I can’t even remember ever happening.”

AG kept his eyes behind his mask fixed on Rex and although he had his normal smile plastered on his face, he was also scrutinizing Rex for the slightest of lies and mischief.

But when he discovered that he was telling the truth, AG frowned and the smile on his lips vanished as the video call was abruptly terminated.

“Huh? The hell…!”

With his anger rising, he stood up and went outside, at the garage, at his garden, then sat down on his bench and started to stretch.

The moment he did, he felt horrified of himself again. His eyes fixated on his arms, then on his legs, then on his body that… just a few months ago had been in cast and even needed metal braces to heal normally. And even healing it isn’t determined to help it be as normal as it was before.

“How could…” he can’t help but wide-eyed stare at his limbs.