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Chapter 004: BBB

It was a surprise that Warship Akhenaton has a self-healing function. What guild and company would pay for such an ability or technology to be applied on their own warships?

Although it was kind of slow considering the level and amount of its injuries, it was still better than relying on the efforts of manual labors to fix a warship, let alone a warship of Akhenaton’s size.

After seeing Akhenaton got connected back to the crown, Siva, who depended on Scion’s shoulder to support himself, spoke another command:

“Pick up that Black Ball for me please.”



Another Black Ball?!


As the people who heard it became astounded once again by this, they all saw Akhenaton walk towards a direction —with the castle base Apus Epirus floating behind it like an ornament, and reached the area where the large sword of the former Colossal Golem had lost its right arm.

Following this, the Castle Base rumbled as Akhenaton walked towards the decimated forest outside of Alexandria, to hover above the large metallic heavy sword embedded flat on the shattered ground.

The signs of battle were still apparent in this place and one could only guess as to how Akhenaton’s left arm was twisted in that ugly manner.

Such a large sword was awe-inspiring.

Its size alone was comparable to that of the Colossi, and almost as large as Akhenaton.

“Let’s retrieve that item.” Siva said.

This line confused the people but they just remained silent.

Pointing a finger, one of the nine islands that had received the bombardment of the Rewloola earlier detached its platform and used it to latch on the area close to the fallen large sword.

With a resounding boom, the 1square km-sized landmass behind Akhenaton fell towards the forest while another landmass was summoned back towards Akhenaton’s direction, leaving a large black hole in the area below its feet.

As the landmass approached, the landmass made a stop right in front of Akhenaton.

“Let’s go.”


Scion obediently followed Sivas instructions. She wasn’t proficient in flying but she was taught by FlowerLord and had her own set of Flight Wings. 

She still carried Siva towards that landmass that stopped in front of the still and unmoving Akhenaton but they didn’t land and just hovered there above the island, in front of Akhenaton’s chest.

Looking down, even Scion marveled at the view of this said item.

“Such a large weapon…” she gasped.

A large sword was embedded flatly on the ground and it dented the floating island, serving like an altar just to showcase it.



Thorn and the rest followed the two as they also stopped above that floating island.

He looked back at Akhenaton and couldn’t help but feel a bit envious of the features of this giant humanoid warship.

[Voice Command]

Thorn could only look on with admiration at this kind of convenient function.

“I wonder if the secrets the Archangel had also included this kind of functional ability…” Thorn mumbled to himself.

When they were riding on Akhenaton, they never knew that it had this ability. If it has, then Siva wouldn’t have to spend those 8 days running and forcefully mentally tiring himself out just to get in this place as soon as possible.

But it was only after that [incident] in the cellar dungeons that they discovered many unbelievably awesome things regarding Akhenaton.

They were still confused, even at this point, at the fact that Akhenaton wasn’t only just a warship, but was also a former warrior emperor of an ancient time who still had his own consciousness.

“I wonder what had happened in the past…” He thought deeply.

The ‘secrets’ of the Gods of this game world was an avenue that is worth millions if not billions of Universal Credits (real-world world-wide acknowledged monetary unit) in profits if handled and invested upon correctly.

The [Archangel] is a Mission Reward that Thorn’s then-to-be-officially-founded Tower of Sol Guild had won with difficulty.

In fact, even to this day, the [Archangel Quest] the warship had imposed upon him have yet to be completed because it lacked the necessary conditions to even officially start it.

As such, Thorn could only sigh.


Akhenaton stretched a hand as if to grab the sword’s hilt but not even half the mark before its hand connected, the large sword’s blade emitted a bright light that was then followed by the sound of a loud clanging of metal plates.


Rejected! Akhenaton’s hand was shot upwards, an invisible force denying his hand with force as if it was fiercely slapped away.

Subsequently, at the moment the metallic slap of rejection rung out and the light flashed off, the sword then flew upwards in midair, flipping many times like a pinwheel, before embedding its blade diagonally on the island.

“What?! What just happened?!”

Any people had the same shocked reactions at this sight.

Who would have thought that this giant sword will have this kind of reaction? It was clear to everyone else that this sword wasn’t just a normal dull-looking sword.

In fact, many of them saw how the Colossi carried this sword out of the city but as soon as its right arm was cut off, it never came back to retrieve it so they thought it was just a normal giant sword.

Who would’ve thought that it wasn’t?

“Maybe… maybe it had a [Secret Mission] in it?” A former Legionnaire commented.

Many people’s imagination was sparked by this one sentence. Of course, being part of one of the most prominent guilds in the game, the Blue Card Legion, they aren’t normal players after all. They at least have sufficient level of comprehension and ability to back their titles as members of the almighty Blue Card Legion.

And with that said, they of course knew at least that given with this shocking [event] in Alexandria that can rival, or perhaps even surpass, Dragona’s [Siva Grand Quest Event], the exclusive secret mission that it will entail will only be comparable to the biggest missions that offer tremendous rewards.

This was a basic structure of the Risk-Reward System of the game.

With such great risk at triggering world-changing S-Ranked Mission events such as this one, the rewards will always be great without any further arguments on this account.

As such, this sword… doing that on its own… only meant that it has a big secret waiting to be unlocked.

This word and them, belonging to The Company, the players in the other parts of Terroa could only feel endlessly envious and jealous of how lucky they are… what more were those who quit and still stuck their nose on The Legion’s side?


The inclined posture, the solid size, the stern aura of weight and power paired by its dull-looking yet simple design, stern resolution could be felt on the heavy sword’s blade body as it cast a large shadow on the decimated floor of the floating island.

“I knew it.” Siva sighed helplessly. “The legacy of God Knight Alexander lives on in this sword. In the end, this is going to be one of those Unique MODs that houses profound legacies.”

As he spoke, Siva pondered secretly, really, just how in the world was he aware of these?

But as clueless as he was, he knew that although it was unlikely, but perhaps Gabriel would have a few of the answers that he seeks. He could only hold in his questions.

Meanwhile, those who heard him couldn’t help but feel shocked.

This giant sword….. is a MOD?

A MOD can be this large?

In this size…..?

In this shape…?!

In this type…?!

Aren’t MODs small tiny mysterious things that held magic abilities and functions on them? Wars were held for their possession and those wars were even fought for lower-grade MODs, but this… a Unique MOD?

Just what kind of war would erupt just for the possession of this item?

But they all saw it, Akhenaton was rejected. That loud slapping BANG was obviously a sign that even this large humanoid-warship was rejected.

No, to be precise, the “consciousness” inside the golden idol-warship frame of Akhenaton was the one that was rejected.

But this item… this MOD…. given its immense size, aside from Akhenaton, could there be perhaps another human-sized warship that can acquire this MOD?

No, perhaps… were players of RPG: Terroa ever be able to acquire this MOD in the future?

Wait, more importantly, how can Siva be sure that this giant sword is a MOD?

So much revelations and shocking discoveries in such a small amount of time… these things that is happening in Terroa, they just couldn’t help but feel that the game was actually changing.

Deb, who’s been quiet all this time, murmured at Rentaw’s side: “There have been rumors floating around the forum boards but… only now did I really think it might actually be possibility.”

Ren glanced at him with confusion, “What is?”

“Siva.” Deb cocked his head at Siva in front of the crowd of players. “There have been many posts since the event in Dragona saying that there have been many Missions and Quests in the middle of progression that was halted and became a useless venture ever since he appeared with that so called Grand Quest. They said that ever since that day, many Missions and Quests have been stuck at a dead-end even after the clues and progress rate have been steady. It all began ever since he had appeared in Dragona…”

Rentaw was silent.

Considering everything they have learned and seen so far, it was highly likely true.

He whispered, “You saw it in Dragona… did the two of them really came from one body?”

Deb’s expression became serious. “Although I cannot be 100% sure since it was far away, but my intuition is telling me that what I saw is the real thing. I was luckily stuck in front of a mirror and through the reflection… I saw the thing happened behind me. I really saw how the ‘Godly Siva’ had appeared out of Devil Mefisto’s left arm. And right after that is that suppressing gravity magic we all experienced in the Cellar Dungeon.”

Ren gulped down a mouthful of courage. Just now, they have been warned that the people behind Siva were no ordinary Mafia.

If they are aware of these secrets that Siva was uncovering one by one and that the reason why they held him hostage is for this purpose, then that Mafia ain’t just any Mafia either…

“Could it be…?!” When his thoughts came here, Ren gasped in realization. “My God… this is really bigger than anything we can handle.”

“Don’t surprise me like that. What do you mean?”

“It’s still just my conjecture but what I think is really the truth then…” Ren looked at Siva and gulped down another mouthful of courage. “…then we’ve really stuck our necks in a very dangerous front this time.”

Deb remained silent. It’s not that he didn’t feel just where Ren was going on with his statement but he forcefully stopped his thoughts from venturing on that direction.

After all, they aren’t sure that what was happening is what they think it is.

If it is… then they’re really struck it unluckily.

If it’s not… then it’s not yet too late to pull out of this mess before it becomes uncontrollable and before they are already too deep in Rex’s trouble, even if they have to go back to their words.

But regardless of whether the people that held his neck were those people or not, the fact Siva’s existence and the things happening around him is changing Terroa in a terrible was is real.

They don’t need any other proof to prove it. The facts in front of their eyes was already enough as evidence as it is.


A giant sword as a MOD….

This is a shocking news indeed and the ones who struck it gold this time were the members of the newly discovered powerhouse organization The Company, with the infamous ‘Siva’ as a mere Regional Commander, being the leader of this organization’s team.

Many people felt that if The Company could have someone as great as Siva and employ him to only be a regional member and not a Leader, then they could only guess that this organization is composed of secretive fireballs.

Perhaps they are composed of Pioneers who had established this secret group in the past and that Siva was only their front man.

With this kind of idea, the pioneers of the game are now faced with a threat of competency.

If they don’t retaliate by making their own legend inside the game, they will fall behind.

But with the appearance of giant sword MOD, even if The Company doesn’t release the fact that Siva had declared it a MOD, the camera drones of the media agents around Alexandria was yet to be dispersed entirely.

They all saw it and as well as the whole world.

As such, a threat of war sure to follow the members of The Company, most especially the group led by Siva —all for the sake of possessing this relic that is the giant sword.

Thinking about it, Thorn approached behind Siva and spoke, “Are you sure that this is a MOD?”

He just had to know.

“I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure that aside from it being a Unique MOD, then it can be either a Legendary or Unique Equipment… or a Legendary-grade MOD.”

Thorn creased his brows, “That’s not reassuring in any form either.”

He sighed and Siva gazed not too far from the side of where the giant sword used to lay.

The arm of the giant Colossi was gone and in its place…

“Scion, let’s go down there.”

He doesn’t want to wait anymore. He needed to get as strong as he can at the shortest of time as possible.

Thorn and the Acolytes followed as well as the few former legionnaires.

When they all looked at the spot Siva descended, their eyes couldn’t help bulging wide at the sight of a human-sized Black Ball in there.

“Sweet geezer’s microphone…!”

“Life is just so unfair…”

“I’ve been planning to suicide for a while now but this just pushed me further to the cliff.”

“Are there any monsters nearby, I wanna quit the game already…”

Almost every person’s eyes flattened (--|.|--) with resignation while those who succumbed to despair had their souls stolen away.

Who wouldn’t be?

Seeing a Big Black Ball a person’s body size was already enough to brand Siva as the luckiest bastard in the existence of RPG: Terroa. 

If a High Commander’s black heart could summon 10 frightening [forms] that could be launched and controlled at a distance of 30m, then just how many forms and how far can this Black Ball produce and throw it? 

At this moment in time, that was the big question the world had in their minds.



Corrupted Ones use Dark Element to corrupt the bodies of their avatar for occupation… leaving behind Black Balls as a side product when their bodies are injured or severed.





Next Chapter: Siva’s sincerity explodes…


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