Siva (Volume 6) Chapter_05

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Chapter 005: He’s Up To Something

In front of him was a floating familiar object with only its unfamiliar size in his mind triggering some kind of reaction.

Yes, he somehow knew that there was something like this here but no, he didn’t expect it to be this.

…and even this big!

“Black….. Ball…” Siva couldn’t help but murmur.

What Gamer wouldn’t pay a sky high price for just even the weakest of the Black Ball in the market?

BlackTech Weaponries were equipment tools that stand at the highest stage of quality in terms of physical damage and versatility.

It depends on [assimilated] S-Ranked Inventions to create its form and even if it’s the weakest S-Ranked Weapon, as long as it is an S-Ranked Equipment, the BlackTech will still get its [form].

The weakest known Black Ball was a hand-sized one that can create five forms at a single time.

The highest in record were those of FlowerLord’s where ten forms can be made each summoning.

Yes, BlackTech is dependent in Mana to take its form but you only had to do it once and the [form] will be maintained indefinitely without dissipating unless it takes severe damage to the point of obliteration, or the User dismisses it themselves.

But then, when Siva stretched a hand to store the Black Ball to his inventory, he was assaulted by popup windows prompting him of errors.



[Object too heavy, unable to move it]

[The pure elemental property had affected your physical being.]

[All stats will be affected and will decrease as long as you’re in contact with the object]

[Item too large, not enough space on Inventory]





Siva was taken aback.

“That is unexpected but… why am I not surprised by this? Oh… wait. I see. Mn. So that’s how it is… right, right. Hm… hm…!!”

Siva was finding the new sets of memories oddly and bizarrely trustworthy the more he comes to discover them when roused by certain triggers.

Whenever a new memory rises up from the dense fog of bizarre images in his consciousness, he is always oddly finding himself somehow entangled in that memory one way or another.

Like for example, now, a vision appeared in his mind of an unfamiliar battlefield where in front of him was a corpse of a Colossus without its head.

He then flew up and pointed a finger on the large corpse before a flash of lightning descended from the cloudless sky and made a hole on its chest.

With a flick of the same finger, a large Black Ball the same size as the one in front of him floated upwards and with nodding approval, he tossed that large Black Ball behind him where it was received by a male dwarf riding what seems to be a flying ray.

If there is something that was different from the ‘him’ in the vision and the ‘him’ now, then it would be the fact that he can lift this large black ball as if it weighed only a kilogram.

The [Siva] on his vision was just that strong.

This vision ended when the dwarf gave him an explanation about the item he sought.


From the moment this vision floated in his mind up to the point that he murmured, it all happened as fast as a blink of an eye.

It all came into and was remembered by him just like a thought.

All these visions were indeed real memories.

“These memories… they are both frighteningly accurate yet amazingly helpful. I wonder how I got these memories and why is it appearing now. All of these memories appeared ever since I lost consciousness in the cellar dungeon. When I came to, I was already outside. I don’t even know what happened and how I ended up there. In fact, I do remember blasting Mefisto into the moon with the guns Janus crafted, but only vaguely, and not even remembering the entire process of how I’ve done it…”

Siva had no time to deeply ponder over the how and the why of it as he stepped back and stared at the giant Black Ball for a few moments before glancing at the sword-mountain right behind it.

“Alexander’s God Knight Sword…” an item-class, or was it the item’s name(?), came up in his mind.

In terms of size, that large sword is just too large to be an item. It can even be considered as a tiny blade-shaped mountain, or even a landmark.

Scion was still supporting him but as the Blue Potions’ effects kicked in, he slowly regained back his endurance, albeit slower than the refilling effect of two vials of Blue Potions, gradually gaining back the strength to support his legs.

By now, he was back at his normal ‘The Destroyer’ clothes and his trademark casual formal clothes is a sight on its own as he stood there somberly.

The Black Cloak which was the basic form of the Erebus is already handed to Scion as well as The Orb which was the key to giving Erebus its bone and frightening muscle power. After all, Erebus is but the outer skin and defensive armor while the real strength of the “Reaper Puppets” came from The Orb’s electric bodies.

Aside from that, Siva also gifted the Whale Whisker to Scion since it was a staff weapon that is more beneficial to a Wizard than a physical brute like him… albeit, he would have found good use with it once he lifted his curse.

But since he’s still too far to accomplishing this task, he didn’t press on with parting with it.

He was more concerned with Scion’s safety.

Many people, while looking at Siva not keeping the Big Black Ball in his inventory, thought of this scene a bit confusing.

Why is he not keeping that item?

As if to answer this question, one of the Acolytes, the Thief, Pitou, spoke up: “This item is just too big. Even if you’ve completed a hundred missions and earned a lot of stat point rewards, you still won’t be able to keep this item in your inventory.”

Siva nodded, “Hm. Maybe the only way to bring this item out of this place is to use a Spyder. But to refine this into a weapon or equipment would probably need more than just a mere all-rounding portable Nano-furnace. At least, a proper facility is going to be needed to be able to use this thing.”

After hearing this, many understood immediately why Siva wasn’t storing the item. It’s not that he wasn’t but it’s just that he couldn’t.

“I guess this place will become one of The Company’s tightly protected properties…” as he said these words, the Acolytes, as well as the new members of The Company, all felt relieved by this decision.

After all, such a large discovery, if they can’t use it, it would be better off if no one else could.

Siva glanced around him, a plan sprouting off his mind right now.

A while later, he sighed and murmured: “We really will need a total renovation. Akhenaton… will be our traveling base from now on.”

Right now, the islands of Akhenaton had received so much damage that the only ones intact are the two hangar islands.

Even the mountain island has been damaged by the fight that had ensued thus far.

Turning around, Siva looked up at Akhenaton for a few moments before looking at Thorn and then nodding, “We saved their city, we can demand some sort of reward from The Union. Thorn, I would like you to arrange for some supplies and try if we can ask them for at least another hangar island for the marshal’s fleet. And also…”

And also…?

Not only did Siva emphasized the ‘at least’ part but he also added another ‘And also’ in the end of his sentence.

Ren, who had experienced a similar situation from Siva in Warjillis, couldn’t help audibly choking at hearing this.

Yeah, this guy is just shameless and monstrously frugal as he was obviously, and by means of obvious is that it’s openly a clever cleverness… as he is like this.

“I can’t help wondering… are you experiencing a Karmic retribution right now or are you just overly exemplifying the law of equivalent exchange?”

He accepts all the help he can get and reward with things he got for free, but when another person owes him a debt… he would choke that poor guy out for exorbitant ‘payments’ that could kill them.

City Lord Billion of Alexandria owes him a favor now and the payments… well, for sure, just like what happened to him in Battle City, it’s going to be a sky-high price… and Billion can’t say no to it.

A deal he can’t say no is like a frontal suppression done in a legal and acceptable way.

The feeling was like marrying your daughter to a battle-hungry Saiyan…

…or winning a lotto jackpot only to realize you’ve got the wrong ticket date…

…or having a good weather stroll only to step on a poop that’s still being excreted by a mutt…

…or waking up in the morning and suddenly finding that your house’s roof had been stolen…

…those kinds of terrible feeling…

Rentaw, for the sake of the favor of companioning Siva’s entourage so that they could get a chance to negotiate with the ownership of Akhenaton, had to pay him two islands’ worth of Hangar Bases.

Of course, he didn’t tell Siva about the secret with Akhenaton. But now, Siva had already excavated the secret and made Akhenaton the living AI of its Warship Shell. There was already no point for Ren to stick around Siva anymore.

Yet although he thought of such idea…

“Sigh…” Rentaw could only shake his head. “I paid the ticket of two hangar islands for nothing but sight-seeing and a telenovela drama story.”

Siva paused and continued: “And also… try to arrange a conference with the Enchanters of The Mansions.”

Oh shit. Thorn was startled remembering that one.

That’s right. Now that Siva had revealed his identity, there will be no stopping The Mansions’ Enchanters from waging war against him because he killed a Manor Lord and took a Record.

Officially, [The List], the so called ‘Record’, is a very important cultural legacy of the Terrans’ rich magical culture.

While the Humans had their technological superiority, the Terrans had their mouth-watering rich magical culture to covet for. 

The keeper of this legacy was none other than the Enchanter’s Temple… which its main HQ was located in Jeremiah.

Back when the Demon Armada had launched their full-force invasion of Terroa, the Humans’ aid on combining this culture with their technology had helped the Terrans on repelling this invasion.

As reward, the Terrans agreed to combine their assets to create an altogether new era of culture to both the Humans and the Terrans.

One such product of this combination was the so called [Inventory Magic Technology].

It allowed the people to carry things around just like how specialized “Spatial Artifacts” functions, but the [Inventory] is much easier to make plus it had a more economical way of function in addition to being able to be upgraded at will.

But such advancement of magic technology was considered a very important asset by both the Humans and Terrans simply because it houses the secrets that the Terrans’ magic has, as well as the latest and most advanced of technologies the Humans had to offer.

Thus, to control the regulation of this technology and also to make sure that it wouldn’t be obtained by evil existences, the Human-Terran Alliance had put up their base in Zenturo where the strongest Terran Civilization of the current era was based.

This alliance, located in Jeremiah, is the sole existence had has the right to distribute and cancel the regulation of this technology as they deem it fit.

It was also the excuse behind the reason why only in the central continent are there any respawn point for the players who had purchased and used their [Insurance Policy] after dying once in Terroa.

Even those who were based in other continents had to travel back manually, or teleport back there again after they’ve died if they wanted to go back.

As such, aside from the Western Continent of Flowerion, more than half of the overall land area of the Central Continent belonged to Jeremiah, making this country the second largest country in the planet… thus a force to be reckoned with.

Its capital city, Castle City Jeremiah, was as large as three Cities of Alexandria combined, boasting an overall areal territory spanning nearly 360km.

It is also here that the Human-Terran Alliance held the [Aptitude Tests] for aspiring Enchanters and Nano-Weapons Engineers…

—the only crafting professions available for both the players and the citizens (NPCs) of this world.

The Terrans borrowed the Technology of Humans and reinforced the defenses of their Temples (The Mansions) and only the first half of The Record was given out for the Manor Lord to keep, with this record being enough for citizens to reach Tier-5 Talisman creations.

If someone so happens to create a formula for an even higher tier than that, it would be up for a request in Jeremiah and that said ‘creation request’ will be subjected to evaluation and as well as registration to avoid copying it and/or counterfeiting its original design and formula.

From this, it could be seen just how important The Record was for both the Humans and the Terrans in this planet.

Siva, killing and stealing a copy of The Record meant that he’s a criminal despite his reasons for having done what he did. In all of this, it is a fact that he obliterated a Manor Lord just to get it. He had to face a trial and he had to do it… or he will be hunted down.

Siva had already offended them by killing one of the High-Level Enchanters they have in Warjillis and this crime wasn’t something easily forgivable.

As such, Thorn understood immediately that Siva, requesting a conference to talk about it as early as now, meant that he had already realized everything that’s been stated above.


Thorn then looked at Siva with a weird expression plastered on his face.

“What?” Siva blinked, innocently confused.

Thorn narrowed his eyes, “You sure it’s just a talk and nothing more?”

Siva cleared his throat and patted his chest; a gesture that, as soon as Ren, Thorn, and Volt on the comms line, saw it, had made them swallow their souls down to lock it in their bodies.

“You can rest assured.” Siva said confidently.

Patting his chest? Thorn and Volt knew that it was definitely that first time he had ‘assured’ anyone of his actions.

Rentaw couldn’t help sweating.

Because while Siva sounded as if he wanted to arrange a peace talk between him and The Mansions, the way he spoke and his tone and manner was akin to the person he had come to talk to back in Warjillis…. where he demanded that in exchange for being part of his entourage, he had to give him ‘islands’ as tickets.

“He’s up to something.” Ren can’t help thinking.

“He’s up to something.” Thorn thought as well.

…..because Siva, while having a somber feel to his shoulders right now, said it all with a straight and obvious poker face.

Volt, on the active call, couldn’t help shaking his head and thinking back at what happened in the Walled City of Warjillis.

He could only mutter: “He’s up to something.”



Siva’s becoming more and more… calculative.






Next Chapter: Volga’s obsession.


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