Six and Up Get Cracked! Dice That Is!

Dice Looters has been assembled! Everyone that has a package going out this month (international, you have yours being held for your quarterly), at the $6.00 tier and above, have one of these D4 included!

Why am I sending you damaged dice? These were being produced by Chessex, some chemical imbalances happened, and this was the result. They are selling them to retailers because they are cool, but definitely are a limited item without plans to be produced again. You could say, it's like getting a miss-print!

Anyway I liked them, so bought a few and I hope you like them to. Please note, I am guessing that as a D4 go, they are HIGHLY imbalanced!

Depending on what type of tier you opted on and what level you are at, you may also see one of these.

These are a custom D20 I had made, at way to high of a cost. I retail them (and DO sell them, in fact I don't expect to have stock for very long), at $15 each. Only 50 were made, which is a very low (and costly) dice quantity to do custom.

What's different about them? There is no 1, 2, or 3. They were replaced with 18-, 19, and 20.  

If you do get one of those, please Dice responsibly!

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