Six Becomes Seven
Hi all, hope everyone's enjoyed episode 2. Have had a bit of a delay on 3 due to various personal things, so I'm still finishing off the revised script - and there's another reason for it. After going through the original script for 3 with my colleague Dan, we discovered that the time period it goes through was just too packed in for one episode. Originally, it went from the beginning of the fifties with giant bug movies and atomic terror to Hammer horror, then to PSYCHO, ROSEMARY'S BABY, and further on until it finished in the late seventies. Too much!

So I've made the decision to extend this series to seven episodes! So episode 3 will cover Hammer and fifties and sixties neo-gothic horror before going onto the beginnings of shock with PSYCHO, while 4 will go on further into exploring the massive changes in horror (and music) that film left in its wake. I don't have a date yet because I need to do some faffing with the schedule, but I'll have a revised calendar ready soon.

Also, a huge thanks to our new Patron Erin Mar, so thank you Erin! Please remember to shill to everyone you know, both this page, and the links to Soundcloud  and iTunes  - and remember, if you're on iTunes please rate and review us!

Be in touch soon.

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