Six Bottles project complete!
I completed the last of the bottles yesterday.

The Peruvian themed!

There where some quite rude examples of Peruvian pottery, so I kept it simple and NOT rude.

One of the main features is the looped opening leading to the vessel. It ended up being a bit oversized in order to fit with Shapeways' printing guidelines for porcelain, but should still have adequate storage volume.

Until I'm able to get all of these printed in porcelain, I have made available 1/4 scale versions on my Shapeways store : Curio Inventorium.

I've actually got the whole set (in 1/4 scale) on order in white plastic, so I'll eventually post photos of them once they arrive.

The electronic files for these bottles will be made available at the beginning of May 2016, for everyone who pledges $3 in this month.

Unless I've still not got any supporters, then they'll just roll-over to the start of the following month. :)

With these files you'll be able to print them yourself (with a 3D printer of course) or get them printed for you by a printing service of your choice.

I'll also put together some documents showing work-in-progress snapshots and my research sources (mainly google images searches).