Six Days!
The entries for the next simulation will close next week Wednesday, June 1st. Seeing I only have one patron at the moment, I won't charge until the start of the actual simulation (once I've put it all together). Once I have a few more patrons on board, I'll charge at the entry close point like the one next week. 

Doing the patron charge at the closing point instead of posting will provide adequate time to negotiate commissions of your characters and having them ready to post inline with the simulation. This will only be initial; when I hit my first stretch goal, I'll be able to queue up these better and do charges upon the start. The goal is to have a sort of visual narrative to accompany the Game.

If you want your friends to join you as a "teammate" in the simulation, be sure to have them join the same district as yourself. The form (within the next 48 hours) will have an additional option for you to decide whether your District alignment is exclusive or not; if there aren't enough tributes to fill other slots, being non-exclusive makes you a candidate to fill empty spots. This will make it more likely you will be drawn in The Reaping, but consequently in order to win you may be asked to kill your friends in your district!

I need to make a Patreon campaign video.